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Barbara Shoop Photography

Fine art film wedding and portrait photographer.

  • Added
  • July 26
  • Category
  • Photographers
  • Location
  • Harrisburg, PA

Wyandotte Wedding Chapel

Wyandotte Wedding Chapel is a beautiful and affordable venue in the downriver area. The chapel is all inclusive of officiant, decorations, candelabras, pew bows, bridal sweet and much more.

  • Added
  • July 25
  • Category
  • Ceremony Locations -
  • Location
  • Wyandotte, MI


Jewelry styles from emerging designers and house brands

  • Added
  • July 23
  • Category
  • Jewelry
  • Location
  • Connecticut


Your wedding, our planners. Happily is a collective of wedding planners who can make your wedding day as special and perfect as you imagine it to be. Our customizable planning process and pay-as-you-go online booking system provide maximum flexibility, so you can get started today. Plan your big day...

  • Added
  • July 23
  • Category
  • Wedding Planners
  • Location
  • Los Angeles, CA

Comfort Inn Manhattan

Enjoy a historic hotel in Midtown Manhattan, with comfortable rooms with exciting New York City views, two cool dining spots and modern lifestyle amenities.

  • Added
  • July 21
  • Category
  • Accommodations
  • Location
  • Manhattan, NY

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Sweet Ambiance Events
“Wedding day was perfect!!”
- Madeline
“Awesome Choice”
- Tracy
“Cheap welcome tote bags”
- Support
“Saved my wedding day”
- Jenny
“Wonderful service, on-time, and no problems whatsoever!”
- Sophie
Elite Event Planning
“Elite Event Planning had the right plan for me”
- Consuelo
12th & L Bed and Breakfast Inn
“Good ”
- kishor
Millennium Alaskan Hotel Anchorage
“Good one”
- kishor
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