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Curtain Wall Manufacturers is proud to be your single source glass contractor for all architectural glazing and glass installation needs. With over 20 years of experience in the field of custom glass works, glazing and architectural designs, our work includes installation of curtain walls, storefronts, entrances, enclosures, revolving doors, table tops.

Curtain Wall Manufacturers offers comprehensive solutions for all curtain wall and glass envelope projects. Curtain wall, also called glass facade or glass envelope, refers to the non-structural outer covering of buildings that are created to keep the weather forces out. They are composed of lightweight material, which includes aluminum frames with glass and metal panels. The use of glass in curtain walls helps in deeper penetration of light within the building and creation of a pleasant architectural design.

The modern day curtain walls use glass as an exterior facade and offer an advantage of rapid on-site assembly, which significantly reduces construction cost. Besides looking exquisite, glass curtain walls offer protection against wind, water, and other environmental forces that may otherwise spoil the decor of the building.

Glass wall systems are very popular today, due to their elegance, transparency, and style! Theses systems give you the greatest possible design freedom, allowing you to be creative in decorating your residential or commercial space and brightening up any space by reflecting light.

The frames into which these glass swathes are inserted can be constructed of wood, aluminium, and steel, making them more durable while ensuring uninterrupted views of the exterior environment. With the glass panels connected together like a train, a glass wall system is easy to operate, durable, and ensures that even a small space looks big and appropriately grand. If you so desire, some of the more expensive glass wall systems can be remote-controlled.

At Curtain Wall Manufacturers, our expert engineers will guide you in choosing the right glass type, color, and frames and then design, manufacture, and install custom aluminium framed glass wall systems, adding elegance and style to your space.

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Curtain Wall Manufacturers

Bundle of thanks

April 14 by joeau

Team of Curtain Wall Manufacturers is very honest and straightforward. I asked many questions from them during the installations of my windows and doors. They answered all of my questions with smile. Bundle of thanks!

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1 Review
Curtain Wall Manufacturers rates 5 stars out of 5 based on 1 review.
April 14
“Bundle of thanks”
- joeau

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