Contra Costa County Wedding Restaurants

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   A & Noi 925-363-4365 Web Site Map
   A-1 Pizza House 925-676-6260 Map
   Afghan Kabob Cusine 925-969-0991 Map
   Agave 925-676-5252 Map
   Aisan Pro 510-526-6800 Map
   Akita Japanese Restaurant 925-938-2288 Map
   Al's Giant Burgers 925-754-4080 Map
   Al's Snack Shop 925-439-9691 Map
   Aladino's Pizza 925-432-6367 Map
   Aladino's Pizza 925-757-6363 Map
   Aladino's Pizzeria 925-687-6363 Map
   Aladino's Pizzeria 925-672-6363 Map
   All's Fare 510-232-1500 Map
   Ane Ioch 925-777-1237 Map
   Angelo's Pizza 925-439-9999 Map
   Anna's Place 510-234-6861 Map
   Annabelle's 925-777-1918 Map
   Anthony Seafood & Chicken 925-756-2020 Map
   Antioch Grill Inc 925-522-8554 Map
   Antojitos De Jalisco 925-755-8065 Map
   Applebee's Neighborhood Grill 925-930-0130 Web Site Map
   Applebee's Neighborhood Grill 925-753-5950 Web Site Map
   Applewood BBQ 925-757-5124 Map
   Aracely's Restaurant & Market 925-706-9087 Map
   Armadillo Pizza 510-528-7777 Map
   Asia Delight 510-215-1888 Map
   Asia Express Chinese Food 925-609-7823 Map
   Aunt Catty's Farm House 925-709-8000 Map
   Auntie Anne's Hand Rolled Soft 925-676-9648 Map
   Auntie Anne's Pretzels 510-243-1478 Map
   B & K Grill Inc 510-243-1284 Map
   Back Forty Texas BBQ Restaurant 925-935-1440 Web Site Map
   Bagel Street Cafe 925-930-8428 Map
   Baja Fresh Mexican Grill 925-947-0588 Web Site Map
   Baja Fresh Mexican Grill 925-521-9301 Web Site Map
   Bangkok Kitchen 925-680-4421 Web Site Map
   Bangkok Restaurant 925-937-4368 Map
   Banyan Tree 925-686-9828 Map
   Bay Leaf Cafe 925-363-3983 Map
   Bay Pizza & Pasta 925-427-9900 Map
   Ben's Burgers 925-458-4040 Map
   Best Burgers 925-798-1212 Map
   Best Burritos 510-525-8355 Web Site Map
   Big Apple Bagels 925-458-8800 Web Site Map
   Big Bite LLC 510-235-2001 Map
   Bign Restaurant 925-935-1972 Map
   Bing Crosby's Restaurant/Piano 925-939-2464 Map
   Birrieria El Puente 925-473-9188 Map
   Birrieria Y Taqueria Yahualica 925-458-5549 Map
   Bistro 925-680-8777 Map
   Bombay Indian Restaurant 925-932-5777 Web Site Map
   Boulevard Fish & Barbeque 510-234-3500 Map
   Breads of India 925-256-7684 Map
   Broiler 510-215-7888 Map
   Buckhorn Grill 925-945-7676 Map
   Burger King 925-427-6762 Web Site Map
   Burger King 925-937-5129 Web Site Map
   Burger King 510-222-3767 Web Site Map
   Burger King 510-231-0572 Web Site Map
   Burger King 510-237-4665 Web Site Map
   Burger King 510-525-6377 Web Site Map
   Burger King 510-232-3731 Web Site Map
   Burger King 925-676-7518 Web Site Map
   Burger King 925-825-5450 Web Site Map
   Burrito 360 To Go 925-935-0126 Map
   Buttercup Grill & Bar 925-932-2763 Map
   Buttercup Grill & Bar 925-521-9224 Map
   C & C's Bar-B-Que 925-439-1955 Map
   C-Blue Wet Bar & Bistro 925-942-6360 Map
   Cabo Taqueria 510-236-2226 Map
   Cactus Cafe 925-682-9668 Web Site Map
   Cafe 19th Hole 925-609-9272 Web Site Map
   Cafe Altura & Roasting Co 510-233-2535 Map
   Cafe at JFK 925-521-0330 Map
   Cafe Bravo 925-935-5674 Map
   Cafe Dolce 925-935-1122 Map
   Cafe Mc Bryde 510-231-9192 Map
   Cafe Melano-the Pasta Lover's 925-682-3333 Map
   Cafe Milano Pizza 925-682-5764 Map
   Cafe Oasis 925-288-1781 Web Site Map
   Caffino Inc 925-609-7499 Map
   Cal Wok 925-671-7433 Map
   California Pizza Kitchen 925-938-0720 Web Site Map
   CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN 925-681-0590 Web Site Map
   Cantina The 925-946-1010 Web Site Map
   Carl's Jr 925-754-5423 Web Site Map
   Carl's Jr 925-938-8210 Web Site Map
   Carl's Jr 925-754-8288 Web Site Map
   Carnitas Tijuana 925-439-3663 Map
   Carpaccio Ristorante 925-777-3321 Web Site Map
   Carrows Restaurants 925-757-7565 Web Site Map
   Carrows Restaurants 510-235-3209 Web Site Map
   Carrows Restaurants 925-689-5757 Web Site Map
   Casa Del Sol Restaurant 925-691-6944
   Casper's Hot Dogs 925-930-9154 Map
   Casper's Hot Dogs 510-232-5600 Map
   Casper's Hot Dogs 510-235-6492 Map
   Casper's Hot Dogs 925-687-6030 Map
   Cazuelas Grill 510-758-3787 Web Site Map
   Chang Loung 925-609-8898 Map
   Cheese Steak Shop Inc 925-706-0625 Web Site Map
   Cheese Steak Shop Inc 925-934-7017 Map
   Cheese Steak Shop Inc 925-687-6116 Map
   Chef Ming Chinese Food To Go 510-236-2162 Map
   Chef's Chinese Food 510-222-8191 Map
   Chefs Chinese Food 510-525-8737 Map
   Chick's Donuts & Coffee Shop 925-682-4917 Map
   Chili's Grill & Bar 925-755-8805 Web Site Map
   Chili's Grill & Bar 925-933-1251 Web Site Map
   Chili's Grill & Bar 925-676-4062 Web Site Map
   China Chef 925-288-0999 Map
   China City Restaurant 925-778-8228 Map
   China Express 925-458-6087 Map
   China Express Restaurant 510-235-4669 Map
   China Garden 925-676-8585 Map
   China Inn-Sun Valley Inc 925-689-7004 Map
   China King 925-686-2961 Map
   China Village Restaurant 925-944-1006 Map
   China Wall Buffet 925-827-9398 Map
   Chinatown Restaurant 925-252-1668 Map
   Chinese Kitchen 925-682-1825 Map
   Chipotle Mexican Grill 925-935-9307 Web Site Map
   Chipotle Mexican Grill 925-674-0615 Web Site Map
   Chivo's Taqueria 925-691-7055 Map
   Chola's Inc 925-680-0718 Map
   Chop Chop Restaurant 925-978-2885 Map
   Chopan Kabob 925-689-5488 Map
   Chopin Cafe & Restaurant 925-256-8658 Map
   Chris' Soul Food Kitchen 510-235-9117 Map
   Christopher's Family Pizzeria 925-685-7777 Map
   Chumpa Thai Restaurant 510-222-1819 Map
   Church's Chicken 510-215-0141 Web Site Map
   Church's Chicken 510-233-9227 Web Site Map
   Cinco De Mayo 925-691-8855 Map
   Cinnabon 925-680-8255 Web Site Map
   Coco's Bakery Restaurant 925-676-2262 Web Site Map
   Cone Heads Ice Cream 925-522-0957 Map
   Copper Kettle 925-686-2246 Map
   Coriya Hot Pot City 510-524-8081 Web Site Map
   Country Waffles 925-779-0134 Map
   Courtney's Deli 925-827-1506 Map
   Crepe Place 925-825-4180 Map
   Crepes A-Go Go 925-944-5790 Map
   Crepevine 925-977-1616 Map
   Cruchon's 925-937-0682 Map
   D J's Bistro 925-825-3277 Web Site Map
   Daimo Chinese Restaurant 510-527-3888 Web Site Map
   Dalat Vietnamese Cuisine 925-926-0278 Map
   Dallimonti's Italian Restaurant 925-944-5224 Map
   Damo Sushi 925-288-0007 Map
   Daphne's Greek Cafe 925-825-8644 Map
   De Afghanan 925-935-9335 Map
   De Anza's Pizza 510-222-2288 Map
   Del Taco 925-778-8005 Web Site Map
   Denny's 925-757-5105 Web Site Map
   Denny's 925-754-1360 Web Site Map
   Denny's 510-235-5900 Web Site Map
   Denny's 510-232-6813 Web Site Map
   Denny's 925-687-8276 Web Site Map
   Denny's 925-798-4040 Web Site Map
   Diggers Diner 925-825-8958 Map
   Dinner Fairy 510-233-9365 Map
   Domino's Pizza 925-427-3030 Web Site Map
   Domino's Pizza 925-944-5400 Web Site Map
   Domino's Pizza 925-757-3030 Web Site Map
   Domino's Pizza 925-779-0303 Web Site Map
   Domino's Pizza 925-672-8588 Web Site Map
   Domino's Pizza 925-827-3030 Web Site Map
   Downtown Cafe 925-427-9868 Map
   E & G Chinese Cuisine 925-439-8686 Map
   East Bay Pizza 510-233-1920 Map
   El 7 Mares Restaurant 925-473-1796 Map
   El Aguacate Mpo Del Grullo 925-691-5920 Map
   El Atoron 925-709-0122 Map
   El Balazo Taqueria 925-969-9978 Map
   El Chalan Restaurant 510-222-0607 Map
   El Comal Taqueria 925-827-9266 Map
   El Faro Mexican Foods 925-827-0976 Map
   El Guamuchilito 925-709-1250 Map
   El Meson Del Bigotes 510-412-0948 Map
   El Molcajete 510-965-9812 Map
   El Pollo Loco 510-234-0097 Web Site Map
   El Pollo Loco 925-969-9280 Web Site Map
   El Rancho Restaurant 925-685-5582 Map
   El Rodeo Restaurant 925-709-8735 Map
   El Salvadoreno Restaurant 925-427-0652 Map
   El Sitio Restaurant 510-233-7072 Map
   El Taco Man 925-686-4444 Map
   El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant 925-827-2413 Map
   El Tapatio Restaurant 510-215-6999 Map
   El Tazumal 510-215-7593 Map
   El Yahualica Tacos 925-686-0319 Map
   Elephant Bar Restaurant 925-671-0119 Web Site Map
   Elm Tree Cafe 925-825-8504 Map
   Empire Buffet 510-965-1788 Map
   Empress Garden Chinese Restaurant 925-754-3088 Map
   Evie's Hamburgers 925-934-4737 Map
   Extreme Pizza 925-930-6100 Map
   Extreme Pizza 510-620-1800 Map
   Fat Apple's Restaurant 510-528-3433 Map
   Fatburger 925-680-7600 Web Site Map
   Finish Line Cafe 925-933-3093 Web Site Map
   Flamingo's Mexican Food 925-458-2200 Map
   Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar (925) 287-0297 Web Site Map
   Flora's Burritos & Gyros 925-687-6454 Map
   Fong Lin Cheng's Chinese Restaurant 925-682-3035 Map
   Fook Sing Restaurant 510-234-4645 Map
   Foster's Freeze 925-757-6441 Map
   Fresh Choice Restaurants 925-938-1529 Web Site Map
   Frosty King 510-232-3040 Map
   FSC Foods Corp 925-688-1600 Map
   Fujian Restaurant 925-932-0368 Map
   Full Plate 925-939-3855 Map
   Galley Cafe 510-236-8493 Map
   Garlex Pizza & Ribs 925-685-0123 Map
   Genghis Khan Restaurant 925-685-8886 Map
   George's Giant Hamburger 925-939-4888 Map
   Giant Chef Burger Inc 925-689-6094 Map
   Golden Chicken 925-680-1737 Map
   Golden China Restaurant 510-222-7620 Map
   Golden Dynasty Restaurant 510-524-7851 Map
   Golden Palace Restaurant 510-233-5332 Map
   Golden Star Cafe 510-234-0573 Map
   Golden Willow Chinese Restaurant 925-827-3228 Map
   Goodview Chinese Restaurant 925-439-9313 Map
   Gordos Gourmet Hamburgers 925-934-0778 Map
   Gou Bu Li 510-223-0688 Map
   Gourmet Sushi 925-979-0803 Map
   Great American Hamburger & Pie 510-233-2223 Map
   Great Khan 510-222-9833 Map
   Great Steak & Potato 510-262-0606 Web Site Map
   Green Garden Chinese Cuisine 925-930-7696 Map
   Grissini 925-680-1700 Map
   Ground Round Grill & Bar 510-222-7500 Web Site Map
   Guadalajara Grill Mexican 925-672-4430 Map
   Guadalajara Taqueria Restaurant 510-233-4109 Map
   Gunters Grill 925-757-7375 Map
   H Salt Esquire Fish & Chips 510-232-3884 Map
   Hacienda Grill 510-233-8100 Map
   Happy Garden Restaurant 510-233-6268 Map
   Hatoba & Arirang Restaurant 925-609-8320 Map
   Havana 925-939-4555 Map
   Hazel's Drive in 925-757-4772 Map
   Heavenly Creations Gifts Cafe 925-584-0489 Map
   Hibar Hawaiian Bar B Que 925-978-2888 Web Site Map
   Hidden Dragon 925-755-8898 Map
   High Tech Burrito 925-938-3888 Web Site Map
   Hoa Kee Noodle House 925-778-2811 Map
   Hoai Huong Vietnamese Coffee 510-620-0837 Map
   Hookston Cafe 925-933-1208 Map
   Hot Basil Cafe Inc 925-288-0000 Map
   Hot Dog Palace 925-676-8723 Map
   Houlihan's 925-246-8605 Map
   House of Sake 925-930-8811 Map
   Hubcaps 925-945-6960 Map
   Hunan Express Restaurant 925-676-3823 Map
   Hunan Restaurant 510-222-1989 Map
   Hunan Restaurant 925-827-4800 Map
   Huong Tra 510-234-7428 Map
   I Love Teriyaki & Sushi 925-680-0888 Map
   Ihop Restaurant 925-427-6870 Web Site Map
   Ihop Restaurant 510-758-5800 Web Site Map
   Ihop Restaurant 925-687-1124 Map
   Il Bacio Ristorante & Wine Bar 925-689-6823 Map
   Il Fornaio 925-296-0100 Web Site Map
   Imperial Restaurant 925-825-1318 Map
   In-N-Out Burger 925-000-1111 Web Site Map
   India 4u 925-757-7475 Web Site Map
   International Delicacies 510-669-2444 Web Site Map
   J & S Coffee & Tea House 510-528-8183 Map
   J D's Hotdogs & Sandwiches 510-262-0947 Map
   J K Giant Burger 510-233-0009 Map
   Jack in the Box 925-432-3378 Web Site Map
   Jack in the Box 925-432-0184 Web Site Map
   Jack in the Box 925-944-5690 Web Site Map
   Jack in the Box 925-944-1148 Web Site Map
   Jack in the Box 925-753-0406 Web Site Map
   Jack in the Box 925-754-2650 Web Site Map
   Jack in the Box 925-757-4384 Web Site Map
   Jack in the Box 510-525-6271 Web Site Map
   Jack in the Box 510-223-3354 Web Site Map
   Jack in the Box 510-232-0905 Web Site Map
   Jack in the Box 510-412-9712 Web Site Map
   Jack in the Box 925-671-7911 Web Site Map
   Jack in the Box 925-682-1275 Web Site Map
   Jack in the Box 925-685-3542 Web Site Map
   Jade Garden Restaurant 925-934-7688 Map
   Jade House 925-432-0888 Map
   Jalisco Gourmet Burritos 925-934-9922 Map
   Jamba Juice 925-522-0094 Web Site Map
   Janya Thai Quisine 925-672-4000 Map
   Jennifer & Todd's Cafe So 510-758-6134 Map
   Jerry's Hot Dogs 925-754-4313 Map
   Joe's Hot Dogs 925-458-2307 Map
   Joe's of El Sobrante 510-222-9925 Web Site Map
   Johnny Carino's Italian 925-522-8252 Web Site Map
   Johnny Rockets 925-979-1414 Web Site Map
   Johnny Rockets 925-798-8335 Web Site Map
   Juarez Mexican Restaurant 925-754-5900 Map
   Juarez Mexican Restaurant 925-778-9611 Map
   Julian's Bistro 925-288-9239 Map
   Kabuki Sushi 925-753-5945 Map
   Kaliente Restaurant 510-223-8015 Web Site Map
   Kanpai Sushi 925-757-2828 Map
   Kao Sarn Thai Cuisine 510-233-8585 Map
   Kasper's Hot Dogs 925-687-1651 Map
   Katana-Ya Ramen Restaurant 510-528-1678 Map
   Kenbella's Restaurant 510-234-5932 Map
   KFC 925-439-2101 Web Site Map
   KFC 925-935-3011 Web Site Map
   KFC 925-754-3474 Web Site Map
   KFC 925-757-6664 Web Site Map
   KFC 510-965-0906 Web Site Map
   KFC 510-528-0125 Web Site Map
   KFC 510-222-6973 Web Site Map
   KFC 510-222-2814 Web Site Map
   KFC 925-689-6381 Web Site Map
   KFC 925-825-1111 Web Site Map
   Kiku Japanese Restaurant Sushi 925-777-9548 Map
   Kinari Thai Cuisine 925-937-8800 Map
   Korea Palace Restaurant 925-674-0180 Map
   Koreana Kitchen 925-938-5959 Map
   Krung Tep Thai Cuisine 510-232-9316 Map
   Kwang Tung Restaurant 510-236-9498 Map
   L & L Hawaiian Barbeque 925-681-3151 Web Site Map
   La Chalupa Taqueria 925-682-8176 Map
   La Dolce Zipa Ristorante Inc 925-287-1570 Map
   La Estrella 510-232-6955 Map
   La Familia Taqueria 925-825-5004 Map
   La Finca Restaurant 925-261-1781 Map
   La Flor De Jalisco Restaurant 510-232-7754 Map
   La Fortuna 510-236-2635 Map
   La Hacienda 925-439-7859 Map
   La Pinata 925-609-9119 Map
   La Plazuela 510-232-7688 Map
   La Pollada Cafe 925-682-8060 Map
   La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill 925-287-0922 Web Site Map
   La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill 925-521-9310 Web Site Map
   La Salsa Restaurant 925-934-4397 Web Site Map
   La Selva Taqueria 510-237-0913 Map
   La Sierra 925-427-4797 Map
   La Taqueria Los Cuates 925-757-5745 Map
   Las 3 Maria's Restaraunt 925-706-8860 Map
   Las Fuentes Taqueria 925-473-0760 Map
   Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant 925-754-8366 Map
   Las Palomas Restaurant 510-965-0825 Map
   Le Cafe 925-687-1868 Map
   Lee's Garden 510-307-4338 Map
   Lee's Garden Restaurants 510-215-5689 Map
   Lee's Hillbilly BBQ 925-754-7717 Map
   Leola's Place Restaurant & Bar 925-756-1500 Map
   Liberty Hotel Restaurant 925-427-1770 Web Site Map
   Lim's Garden Restaurant 925-676-0711 Map
   Lin's Chinese Buffet 925-754-5356 Map
   Linda's Snackworks 510-471-9761 Map
   Lisa's Hot Dogs & Burritos 925-687-7527 Map
   Little Angie's 510-232-8979 Map
   Little Bonzai Sushi Bar 925-680-8059 Map
   Little Caesars Pizza 925-458-3266 Web Site Map
   Little Caesars Pizza 925-427-1500 Web Site Map
   Little Caesars Pizza 925-778-0555 Web Site Map
   Little Caesars Pizza 510-237-4992 Map
   Little Caesars Pizza 925-676-6900 Web Site Map
   Little Caesars Pizza 925-689-4000 Web Site Map
   Little China Restaurant 510-233-9988 Map
   Little Dragon Chinese Restaurant 925-363-9398 Map
   Little Hong Kong Restaurant 510-524-0888 Map
   Little J's 925-432-7648 Map
   Los 3 Amigos 925-778-8775 Map
   Los Caporales Taqueria 925-755-0903 Map
   Los Cerros Mexican Restaurant 510-222-2955 Map
   Los Chivos Taqueria Restaurant 925-680-0914 Map
   Los Compadres Taqueria 510-234-1747 Map
   Los Pino Mexican Foods 925-825-2085 Map
   Los Reyes Taqueria 925-709-1766 Map
   Los Taco De Pancho 925-827-0517 Map
   Los Toros Restaurant 925-676-6450 Map
   Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken 510-524-9633 Map
   Lovin Spoonful Cafe 925-687-3835 Map
   Lucky Star Restaurant 925-676-1188 Map
   Luna Restaurante 925-691-4080 Map
   Luping Chinese Restaurant 925-671-7177 Map
   Lupita's Taqueria & Meat 510-237-5774 Map
   Lyons Restaurant 925-754-0960 Map
   Lyons Restaurant 925-682-1668 Map
   Main Street Grill 925-934-2000 Map
   Mama Gorilla Pizza 925-687-4386 Map
   Mandarin Garden 925-686-4442 Map
   Mandarin House 510-223-2060 Map
   Manila Bay Restaurant 510-235-1267 Map
   Mann's Chinese Cuisine 925-685-2988 Map
   Mariposa Chinese Cuisine 925-933-8883 Map
   Mary's Pizza Shack 925-938-4800 Web Site Map
   Matchmaker Restaurant 925-757-8500 Map
   Maverick's BBQ 925-680-4227 Web Site Map
   Maxi Burgers 925-676-1803 Map
   Mc Covey's Restaurant 925-944-9444 Map
   Mc Donald's 925-432-4081 Web Site Map
   Mc Donald's 925-439-5289 Web Site Map
   Mc Donald's 925-458-1973 Web Site Map
   Mc Donald's 925-932-7740 Web Site Map
   Mc Donald's 925-756-7689 Web Site Map
   Mc Donald's 925-778-5725 Web Site Map
   Mc Donald's 925-778-2186 Web Site Map
   Mc Donald's 510-232-2121 Web Site Map
   Mc Donald's 510-233-7824 Web Site Map
   Mc Donald's 510-215-7478 Web Site Map
   Mc Donald's 510-223-9226 Web Site Map
   Mc Donald's 510-222-8746 Web Site Map
   Mc Donald's 510-222-4992 Web Site Map
   Mc Donald's 925-680-7267 Web Site Map
   Mc Donald's 925-798-0581 Web Site Map
   Mc Donald's 925-825-3503 Web Site Map
   Mc Donald's 925-825-5585 Web Site Map
   Mc Donald's 925-356-8818 Web Site Map
   Mc Donald's 925-825-2830 Web Site Map
   McDonalds Restaurants 925-753-0405 Map
   Me-N-Ed's Pizzeria 510-222-2674 Map
   Mehran Restaurant 925-432-7500 Map
   Memo's Mexican Restaurant 925-691-6200 Map
   Meson Azteca Mexican Cuisine 925-676-6425 Map
   Mexican Burritos 925-671-7745 Map
   Mia Cafe 925-947-4886 Map
   Miller's Cafe 925-757-6999 Map
   Millis Cafe 510-235-5315 Map
   Mimi's Cafe 925-754-3186 Web Site Map
   Mimi's Cafe 925-969-9790 Map
   Ming's Chinese Restaurant 925-934-9393 Map
   Mogami Japanese Restaurant 510-233-8780 Map
   Momoyama Susie 925-686-1888 Map
   Mondello's Cucina Italiana 925-376-2533 Map
   Morning Star Cafe 925-689-6033 Map
   Mountain Mike's Pizza 925-937-4411 Web Site Map
   Mountain Mike's Pizza 925-757-3080 Web Site Map
   Mountain Mike's Pizza 925-676-9000 Web Site Map
   Mountain Mike's Pizza 925-689-4965 Web Site Map
   Mr Pickles Sandwich Shop 925-755-8040 Map
   Murphys Deli 925-937-1081 Map
   Mustard Seed Cafe 510-582-0142 Map
   Namaste Indian Cuisine 925-687-7874 Map
   Nation's Giant Hamburgers & Great Pies 510-724-5530 Web Site Map
   New Mecca 925-432-7433 Map
   New York Pizza 925-687-5882 Map
   New York Pizza & Pasta 925-938-2002 Map
   Nibbler's Eatery & Wine Bar 925-944-0402 Map
   Nibs Restaurant 510-235-6628 Map
   Nipahut Restaurant & Music LNG 925-978-0235 Map
   Noah's Bagels 925-256-8284 Web Site Map
   Numero Uno Taqueria 925-777-9779 Map
   Oi-C Bowl 925-287-8118 Map
   Old Saigon Restaurant 510-233-3188 Map
   Old Spaghetti Factory 925-687-5030 Map
   Olive Garden Italian Restaurant 925-778-6208 Web Site Map
   Orchid Bowl Cafe 510-559-7888 Map
   Oriental Express 510-223-8388 Map
   Original Hot Dog Place 925-256-7302 Map
   Original Mel's 925-935-6457 Map
   Original Peking Restaurant 510-524-8772 Map
   Original Pizza Pucks 925-827-4389 Map
   Our Place Cafe 925-938-4474 Map
   Outback Steakhouse 925-778-3845 Web Site Map
   Outback Steakhouse 925-687-2225 Web Site Map
   P F Chang's China Bistro 925-979-9070 Web Site Map
   P J's Restaurant & Cocktail 510-222-0221 Map
   Pac Pizza 925-609-8836 Map
   Pacsun Corp 510-234-0399 Map
   Panda Express 925-939-7833 Web Site Map
   Panda Express 925-978-1738 Web Site Map
   Panda Express 510-526-9989 Web Site Map
   Panda Express 925-798-0392 Web Site Map
   Panera 925-825-1582 Map
   Panera Bread 925-755-5031 Web Site Map
   Papa Chuy's 925-674-1045 Map
   Papa Murphy's Take 'n' Bake 925-439-5454 Map
   Papa Murphy's Take 'n' Bake 925-938-7272 Web Site Map
   Papa Murphy's Take 'n' Bake 925-939-7272 Map
   Papa Murphy's Take 'n' Bake 925-776-7888 Web Site Map
   Papa Murphy's Take 'n' Bake 925-609-7300 Map
   Paradise 33 925-671-2133 Map
   Pasta Pomodoro 510-225-0128 Web Site Map
   Pasta Pomodoro 925-363-9641 Web Site Map
   Pasta Primavera Cafe 925-930-7775 Map
   Pasta Primavera Cafe 925-687-5300 Web Site Map
   Pasta Primavera Too 925-930-7774 Map
   Peking Village 925-680-6618 Map
   Peprika 925-757-3625 Map
   Philadelphia Hoagie Station 510-234-1445 Map
   Philipino Cuisine 510-758-3663 Map
   Pho Hoa an 925-288-0736 Map
   Pho Hoa Hiep Inc 925-677-2131 Map
   Pho Hoa Thai Vietnamese 510-235-1223 Map
   Pho Saigon Restaurant II 510-528-6388 Map
   Phu Heip 925-458-0130 Map
   Pick Up Stix 925-672-2840 Web Site Map
   Pinky's Pizza Parlor 925-932-2728 Web Site Map
   Pizza Brothers 510-235-5888 Map
   Pizza City 925-944-9181 Map
   Pizza Co 510-758-4985 Map
   Pizza Guys 925-252-9999 Web Site Map
   Pizza Guys 925-682-9999 Map
   Pizza Guys Franchise Inc 925-755-1111 Map
   Pizza Hut 925-757-1010 Web Site Map
   Pizza Hut 510-232-2400 Web Site Map
   Pizza Hut 510-233-2700 Web Site Map
   Pizza Hut 925-686-1616 Web Site Map
   Pizza Lover 925-778-5000 Map
   Pizza Man 510-234-4476 Map
   Pizza Oliva 925-274-9990 Map
   Pizza Pan 925-439-0550 Map
   Plaza Cafe 925-825-6298 Map
   Plaza Garibaldi 510-234-1952 Map
   Plearn Thai Palace 925-937-7999 Map
   Ploy Thai Restaurant 925-778-3087 Web Site Map
   Pomegranate 925-944-9292 Web Site Map
   Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits 925-252-9888 Web Site Map
   Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits 510-412-2289 Web Site Map
   Portumex Restaurant 510-237-7513 Web Site Map
   Prima Ristorante 925-935-7780 Web Site Map
   Prince's Seafood Cafe 925-757-6700 Map
   Pueblo Nuevo Restaurant 925-757-0345 Map
   Punkin's Restaurant 925-432-4718 Map
   Pup Hut 510-235-5456 Map
   Queen Egg Roll 925-754-1888 Map
   Rainbow Buffet Inc 510-223-5588 Map
   Ranctoh Market 925-778-8892 Map
   Red Brick Pizza 925-682-4600 Map
   Red Lobster 925-754-6655 Web Site Map
   Red Onion 510-236-9462 Map
   Red Pepper Restaurant 510-233-6688 Map
   Red Robin Gourmet Burgers 925-671-9315 Web Site Map
   Reynita Restaurant & Taqueria 925-473-1245 Map
   Rice Gardens 925-256-0737 Map
   Risotto 925-778-5555 Map
   Rocket Pizza 925-682-2700 Map
   Romano's Macaroni Grill 510-524-9336 Web Site Map
   Rosamaria's Cafe 510-234-2384 Web Site Map
   Rose Garden Thai Cuisine 510-215-6352 Map
   Rossmoor Diner 925-933-4768 Map
   Round Table Pizza 510-232-7071 Web Site Map
   Round Table Pizza 510-223-5800 Web Site Map
   Round Table Pizza #30 925-687-7234 Map
   Royal Palace Restaurant 510-243-6688 Map
   Royal Thai Palace 925-937-7887 Map
   Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill 510-527-6990 Web Site Map
   Ruggiero's Italian Chef-Hire 925-753-0756
   Ruth's Chris Steak House 925-977-3477 Web Site Map
   Sa-Wooei Thai Cuisine 510-528-0709 Map
   Sahib Indian Restaurant 510-233-3817 Web Site Map
   Saigon Seafood Harbor Restaurant 510-559-9388 Map
   Sakana Sushi 925-938-6050 Map
   Sala Thai 510-223-2933 Map
   Salsa Mexican Grill 925-687-9300 Map
   Salsa Taqueria 510-236-4528 Map
   Salsa Taqueria 510-528-5078 Map
   Salvatore Ristorante Italian 925-932-2828 Map
   Sam's Dog House 510-223-8870 Map
   Sargam Indian Cuisine 925-937-2700 Web Site Map
   Sawad Dee Thai Restaurant 510-232-5542 Map
   Sawaddee Thai Cuisine 925-706-8373 Map
   Sbarro 925-522-0589 Web Site Map
   Sbarro 925-671-9450 Web Site Map
   Scott's Seafood Grill & Bar 925-934-1300 Web Site Map
   Scrumpy's Sandwich Shoppe 925-689-0420 Map
   Shan Shan Low Restaurant 925-685-6311 Map
   Shang Hai Restaurant 510-526-8897 Map
   Shanghai Restaurant 925-256-6869 Map
   Shutter Cafe 510-525-4227 Map
   Sizzler 925-522-2222 Web Site Map
   Sizzler 925-687-5830 Web Site Map
   Skipolini's Pizza 925-280-1100 Web Site Map
   Skipolini's Pizza 925-757-7770 Map
   Smokin Okie BBQ Joint 925-942-0149 Map
   Sorrento Italian Restaurant 925-938-3366 Web Site Map
   South North Dragon Restaurant 925-757-6283 Map
   Southern Cuisine Buffet 925-755-8161 Map
   Sportaco Taqueria 925-432-8822 Map
   Stanford's Restaurant & Bar 925-944-0895 Map
   Strictly To Go Pizzeria 925-945-6633 Map
   Strictly To Go Pizzeria 925-671-2777 Map
   Strings Italian Cafe 925-938-1492 Map
   Strings Italian Cafe 510-234-2233 Web Site Map
   Strings Pasta Cafe 925-938-5321 Map
   Subway Sandwich 925-602-0641 Map
   Sugar Plum Coffee Shop 925-689-1738 Map
   Sukhraj 925-935-9278 Map
   Sukie's Country Kitchen 510-233-5856 Map
   Sun Mei Restaurant 925-935-3233 Map
   Sun Sun Garden 925-686-9190 Map
   Sun Valley Great Khan 925-681-0545 Map
   Sunshine Cafe 925-938-5180 Map
   Super Wok 510-234-9898 Map
   Sushi Groove 925-945-1400 Map
   Suzhou Chinese Restaurant & Sushi 510-236-2118 Map
   Swagat Indian Cuisine 925-685-2777 Map
   Sweet Country Bar-B-Que 925-779-1780 Web Site Map
   Sweet Tomatoes 925-676-8493 Web Site Map
   Sylvia's Country Kitchen 925-778-8877 Map
   Taco Acapuloc 925-798-0744 Map
   Taco Bell 925-432-2873 Web Site Map
   Taco Bell 925-778-4016 Web Site Map
   Taco Bell 925-280-1622 Web Site Map
   Taco Bell 925-407-0294 Web Site Map
   Taco Bell 925-934-4675 Web Site Map
   Taco Bell 925-932-5338 Web Site Map
   Taco Bell 925-932-9321 Web Site Map
   Taco Bell 925-754-6685 Web Site Map
   Taco Bell 510-215-1971 Web Site Map
   Taco Bell 510-237-2292 Web Site Map
   Taco Bell 510-233-7545 Web Site Map
   Taco Bell 925-680-0280 Web Site Map
   Taco Bell 925-680-6030 Web Site Map
   Taco Bell 925-687-0166 Web Site Map
   Taco Bell 925-687-4815 Web Site Map
   Taco Bell 925-825-1643 Web Site Map
   Taco Palace of Antioch LLC 925-756-0719 Map
   Tahoe Joe's Famous Steak House 925-687-8096 Map
   Taipei Restaurant 925-778-0546 Map
   Tandoori Chicken USA 510-222-4737 Web Site Map
   Tandoori Chicken USA 925-798-5555 Map
   Tao San Jin 925-778-3888 Map
   Tao San Jin 925-777-1883 Map
   Taqueria Chauvinda 510-965-9452 Map
   Taqueria El Farolito 925-363-3940 Map
   Taqueria El Sinaloense 925-458-0127 Map
   Taqueria La Bamba 510-235-2288 Map
   Taqueria La Noria 510-215-5384 Map
   Taqueria La Parrilla Mexican 925-706-1153 Map
   Taqueria La Plaza 925-671-9411 Map
   Taqueria La Soledad 925-689-9670 Map
   Taqueria Los Altos 925-687-2809 Map
   Taqueria Los Cerros 510-758-7025 Map
   Taqueria Los DOS Gallos 925-687-5988 Map
   Taqueria Los Toros 925-288-1486 Map
   Taqueria Los Toros 925-682-7130 Map
   Taqueria Lupita 510-235-6855 Map
   Taqueria Maria 510-758-8155 Map
   Taqueria Mexican Grill 925-932-8987 Map
   Taqueria Restaurante Familiar 510-234-9939 Map
   Taqueria Rodriguez 510-669-0717 Map
   Taqueria Salsa 925-778-9281 Web Site Map
   Tatsu Sushi 925-287-9273 Map
   Taxi's Hamburgers 925-939-8294 Web Site Map
   Teriyaki Plus 925-687-5555 Map
   Thai Osha Restaurant 925-825-2148 Map
   Thai Village Restaurant 925-256-0289 Map
   Three Brothers From China 925-671-9100 Map
   Tijuana Mike's 925-776-5705 Map
   Tina's Creekside Cafe 510-222-6960 Map
   Togo's 925-439-9500 Web Site Map
   Togo's 925-777-1522 Web Site Map
   Togo's 925-978-1400 Web Site Map
   Togo's 925-687-1711 Web Site Map
   Togo's 925-685-8600 Web Site Map
   Tokyo Express 925-685-8954 Map
   Tokyo Lobby Japanese Restrnt 925-935-2356 Map
   Tokyo Restaurant 510-222-3686 Map
   Tong's Express Food 510-236-8288 Map
   Topz Healthier Burger Grill 925-798-2030 Map
   Tortas Los Chilangos 510-235-4882 Map
   Tortas Y Taqueria Los Picudos 510-236-1004 Map
   Tres Hermanas Restaurant 510-237-1094 Map
   Tsing Tao Restaurant 510-215-1283 Map
   Tugboat Fish & Chips 925-969-1287 Map
   Tullio's Italian Restaurant 925-938-3367 Map
   Una Mas 925-933-9500 Web Site Map
   Uncle Sam's Buffet 510-234-2565 Map
   Uncle Wong's Restaurant 510-236-9999 Map
   V H Noodle House 510-527-3788 Map
   VA De Vi Bistro & Wine Bar 925-979-0100 Web Site Map
   Victory Restaurant 925-757-9999 Map
   Villa's Mexicatessen 925-680-2636 Map
   Vinci Restaurant 925-757-4444 Map
   Viva Mexico 925-427-9133 Map
   Viva Mexico Grill & Cantina 925-432-8482 Map
   Vox Populi Pizza 925-680-7499 Map
   Wah Sing Chinese Restaurant 925-439-1992 Map
   Waikiki Hawaiian BBQ 510-558-6928 Map
   Waikiki Hawaiian BBQ 925-798-8002 Map
   Wallace Arms 925-755-2900 Web Site Map
   Walnut Creek Yacht Club 925-944-3474 Web Site Map
   Wan Fung Chinese Herb Shop 510-559-8032 Map
   Wat Phou Thai Restaurant 925-827-1538 Map
   Wendy's 925-427-7058 Web Site Map
   Wendy's 925-937-7269 Web Site Map
   Wendy's 925-757-1884 Web Site Map
   Wendy's 510-236-7649 Web Site Map
   Wendy's 925-671-2790 Web Site Map
   Wetzel's Pretzels 510-223-6533 Web Site Map
   Wetzel's Pretzels 925-676-6513 Web Site Map
   Wienerschnitzel 925-754-6757 Web Site Map
   Wienerschnitzel 510-620-9460 Web Site Map
   Wienerschnitzel 510-232-0800 Web Site Map
   Wing's N Things 510-307-9995 Map
   Wingstop 925-778-9464 Map
   Winnaworks 510-222-5154 Map
   Wong's Restaurant 925-754-4411 Map
   Woung Luang Psai Cruisine 925-825-3787 Map
   Wuling 510-526-9078 Map
   XYZ Chinese Fast Food 925-754-5698 Map
   Yammy 510-525-9570 Map
   Yan's Restaurant 510-223-1288 Map
   Yanagi Japanese Restaurant 925-689-8600 Map
   Yokohama Restaurant 510-234-0821 Map
   Yokoso Japanese Restaurant 925-288-1628 Map
   Yuet Foo Seafood Restaurant 510-528-6847 Map
   Yusan Sushi 510-233-0606 Map
   Yvonne T's Golden Oak Cafe 925-256-8899 Map
   Zack's Cafe 925-778-9225 Map
   Zheng Long Restaurant 925-930-8088 Web Site Map
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