Dallas County Wedding Restaurants - Italian

Find all the best Dallas County Wedding Restaurants - Italian below. Click on a wedding vendor's name to read reviews, watch videos, and get more information. Most listings have websites and email. You can click an icon to contact them directly. Dallas County wedding planning has never been easier. Find all your Dallas County Wedding Restaurants - Italian on The US Wedding Directory.

   A Taste of Italy Restaurant 972-276-8913 Map
   Aboca's Italian Grill 972-231-7500 Map
   Adelmo's Ristorante 214-559-0325 Web Site Map
   Alfonso's Italian Restaurant 214-327-7777 Map
   Alfredo Trattoria 214-526-3331 Map
   Alfredo's Pizza 972-307-1678 Map
   Alfredo's Pizza & Pasta 972-866-8111 Map
   Amore Italian Restaurant 214-739-0502 Map
   Angelo's Spaghetti House 214-823-5566 Web Site Map
   Avanti Ristorante 214-871-4955 Web Site Map
   Ay Chung Noodles 972-231-2885 Map
   Brother's Pizza Pasta 214-219-5200 Map
   Bruno's Italian Restaurant 972-556-2465 Web Site Map
   Cafe Amore 972-699-8322 Map
   Cafe Italia 214-357-4200 Map
   Campisi's Egyptian Restaurant 214-827-0355 Web Site Map
   Cappuccino Italian Bistro 972-241-1417 Map
   Carrabba's Italian Grill 972-732-7752 Web Site Map
   Carrabba's Italian Grill 214-823-8678 Web Site Map
   Dallul Restaurant 214-353-0805 Map
   Dolce Olyva Cafe 214-368-5039 Web Site Map
   Eccoloristorante-Enoteca 214-521-2943 Map
   Family Rice & Noodles 972-680-9898 Map
   Giovanni's Italian Restaurant 972-596-8610 Map
   I Fratelli Italian Restaurant 972-501-9700 Web Site Map
   Italian Cafe 972-401-0000 Map
   Italian Garden Restaurant 972-594-8585 Web Site Map
   Johnny Carino's Italian 972-409-0530 Map
   Johnny Carino's Italian Restaurant 972-641-9443 Map
   Lombardi Trattoria 214-954-0803 Map
   Lombardi's Restaurant 214-747-0322 Web Site Map
   Maggiano's Little Italy 972-980-9917 Map
   Marco Italian 214-526-3636 Web Site Map
   Michael's Italian Kitchen 972-409-1145 Map
   Nero's 214-826-6376 Map
   Olive Garden Italian Restaurant 972-530-8102 Map
   Olive Garden Italian Restaurant 972-270-1582 Web Site Map
   Olive Garden Italian Restaurant 972-257-3533 Web Site Map
   Olive Garden Italian Restaurant 972-866-8104 Web Site Map
   Original Italian Cafe 214-754-0103 Web Site Map
   Pavarotti's Italian Cafe 972-991-2828 Map
   Pietro's Italian Restaurant 214-824-6960 Map
   Pop's Spagetti House 214-328-5244 Map
   Pranzo Italian Grill 972-994-9200 Map
   Rigatoni Italian Cuisine 214-553-1543 Map
   Roberto's 214-368-5063 Map
   Romano's Macaroni Grill 214-265-0771 Web Site Map
   Sbarro 972-686-7222 Web Site Map
   Sbarro 972-296-0863 Web Site Map
   Sbarro 972-788-2757 Web Site Map
   Sbarro 972-404-9511 Web Site Map
   Selam Restaurant 214-350-3403 Map
   Soffio's Italian Grill 972-830-9339 Map
   Spaghetti Warehouse 972-613-1478 Web Site Map
   Spaghetti Warehouse 972-258-1260 Map
   Terilli's Restaurant & Bar 214-827-3993 Web Site Map
   Vetoni's Italian Restaurant 972-278-7707 Map
   Vitto Italian 214-946-1212 Web Site Map
   Vitto Italian Restaurant 214-219-2512 Map
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