Franklin County Wedding Ceremony Locations - Churches - Catholic

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   Catholic Conference-Ohio Association 614-224-7147 Map
   Catholic Diocese of Columbus 614-221-1809 Map
   Catholic Diocese-Purchasing 614-262-0010 Map
   Christ the King Catholic Church 614-237-0401 Map
   Christ the King Convent 614-235-1035 Map
   Columbus Community of Charity 614-253-8980
   Community-Hly Rosary & St John 614-252-3132
   Corpus Christi Church 614-444-9871 Map
   Holy Cross Church 614-224-3416 Map
   Holy Family Church 614-221-4323 Map
   Holy Name Church 614-262-0390 Map
   Holy Resurrection 614-784-8110 Map
   Holy Rosary & St John 614-252-5926 Map
   Holy Spirit Catholic Church 614-861-1521 Map
   Immaculate Conception 614-267-9241 Map
   Newman Center OSU 614-291-4674 Map
   Our Lady of Peace 614-263-8824 Map
   Our Lady of Victory 614-488-2428 Map
   Sacred Heart Church 614-299-4191 Map
   Saint Elizabeth Church 614-891-0150 Map
   St Agatha 614-488-6149 Map
   St Agnes Church 614-276-5413 Map
   St Aloysius Church 614-276-6587 Map
   St Andrew Church 614-451-4290 Map
   St Anthony Church 614-885-4857 Map
   St Augustine & Gabriel Church 614-268-3123 Map
   St Catharine Church 614-231-4509 Map
   St Cecilia Church 614-878-5353 Map
   St Clare Roman Catholic Church 614-424-6278 Map
   St Dominic's Church 614-252-4913 Map
   St Francis of Assisi Church 614-299-5781 Map
   St John Baptist Catholic 614-299-2156 Map
   St John-Baptist Catholic Church 614-294-5319 Map
   St Joseph Cathedral 614-224-1295 Map
   St Ladislas Church 614-443-2828 Map
   St Leo Church 614-443-7685 Map
   St Margaret of Cortona Church 614-279-1690 Map
   St Mary Magdalene 614-274-0639 Map
   St Mary Magdalene 614-274-1121 Map
   St Mary's Church 614-445-9668 Map
   St Matthew Catholic Rectory 614-471-0212 Map
   St Matthias Church 614-267-3406 Map
   St Michael Catholic Church 614-885-7814 Map
   St Peter's Church 614-889-0259 Map
   St Philip the Apostle Church 614-237-1671 Map
   St Stephen the Martyr 614-272-5206 Map
   St Theresa's Retreat Center 614-866-1611 Map
   St Timothy Catholic Church 614-451-2671 Map
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