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   Adoration & Peace Baptist Church 614-257-0100 Map
   Aenon Missionary Baptist Church 614-252-7755 Map
   Aldersgate United Methodist Ch 614-258-6502 Map
   All Saints Evangelical Lutheran 614-885-0112 Map
   Allegheny Wesleyan Mthdst Church 614-263-5822 Map
   Alum Creek Baptist Church 614-491-1568 Map
   Amazing Grace Baptist Church 614-274-6333 Map
   Anchor Baptist Church 614-351-9790 Map
   Asbury United Methodist Church 614-258-8154 Map
   Asbury United Methodist Church 614-837-4601 Map
   Atonement Lutheran Church 614-451-1880 Map
   Avondale United Methodist Church 614-224-3633 Map
   Baptist for Life-Central Ohio 614-272-7038 Map
   Barnett Road Baptist Church 614-231-8320 Map
   Beacon of Hope-Church-Christ 614-878-4558 Map
   Benfield Church of Christ 614-444-9353 Map
   Bethany Bapt Church 614-253-2190 Map
   Bethany Christian Church 614-252-2864 Map
   Bethany Lutheran Church-Lcms 614-866-7755 Map
   Bethany Presbyterian Church 614-253-7489 Map
   Bethel Christian Church 614-262-7461 Map
   Bethel Presbyterian Church 614-451-4975 Map
   Bethesda Baptist Church 614-237-2421 Map
   Bethlehem Lutheran Church 614-274-8286 Map
   Bicentennial Fund Presbyterian 614-847-4359 Map
   Boulevard Presbyterian Church 614-486-0267 Map
   Broad Street Christian Church 614-258-9567 Map
   Broad Street United Mthdst Church 614-221-4571 Map
   Broadman Baptist Church 614-878-3463 Map
   Brookwood Presbyterian Church 614-235-3451 Map
   Burnside Baptist Church 614-274-3413 Map
   Calvary Tremont Baptist Church 614-258-9933 Map
   Calvin Presbyterian Church 614-231-5472 Map
   Capital City Church 614-442-1700 Map
   Capitol City Baptist Church 614-476-3366 Map
   Catholic Conference-Ohio Association 614-224-7147 Map
   Catholic Diocese of Columbus 614-221-1809 Map
   Catholic Diocese-Purchasing 614-262-0010 Map
   Centenary United Methodist 614-261-6238 Map
   Centenary United Methodist 614-428-9924 Map
   Centenary United Methodist 614-263-8755 Map
   Central Ave Church of Christ 614-274-6112 Map
   Central Baptist Church 614-279-3115 Map
   Central Presbyterian Church 614-224-9119 Map
   Cherry Creek Church of Christ 614-878-7195 Map
   Chicago Ave Christian Church 614-274-2395 Map
   CHR of the Reedemer Methodist 614-861-7160 Map
   Christ Memorial Baptist Church 614-338-1590 Map
   Christ Memorial Baptist Church Annex 614-338-1213 Map
   Christ Presbyterian Church 614-471-6724 Map
   Christ the King Catholic Church 614-237-0401 Map
   Christ the King Convent 614-235-1035 Map
   Christ United Methodist Church 614-231-4568 Map
   Christian Valley Baptist Church 614-252-2862 Map
   Church of the Good Shepherd 614-891-5043 Map
   Church Pleasant Green Baptist 614-268-7843 Map
   Clair United Methodist Church 614-444-5170 Map
   Clinton Heights Lutheran Church 614-267-4991 Map
   Columbia Heights United Mthdst 614-878-4530 Map
   Columbus Baptist Temple 614-895-5683 Map
   Columbus Community of Charity 614-253-8980
   Columbus First Free Will Baptist 614-299-1578 Map
   Columbus Halal Market Inc 614-418-9709 Map
   Columbus Primitive Baptist Ch 740-927-4603 Map
   Community Fellowship Church 614-263-1350
   Community of Faith 614-575-0963 Map
   Community-Hly Rosary & St John 614-252-3132
   Como Avenue United Church 614-262-8686 Map
   Concordia Lutheran Church 614-878-7800 Map
   Consolidated Baptist Church 614-299-9092 Map
   Corinthian Baptist Church 614-237-8619 Map
   Corpus Christi Church 614-444-9871 Map
   Covenant Baptist Church 614-451-0040 Map
   Covenant Presbyterian Church 614-451-6677 Map
   Crestview Presbyterian Church 614-267-8349 Map
   Crossroads United Mthdst Church 614-274-4920 Map
   East Baptist Church-Whitehall 614-237-2653 Map
   East Cols Christian Church 614-861-6220 Map
   East Mt Olivet Baptist Church 614-258-3707 Map
   Eastminster Presbyterian Church 614-235-1137 Map
   Eastview United Methodist Church 614-235-7895 Map
   Ebenezer Baptist Church 614-253-8133 Map
   Emmanuel Community Baptist Church 614-253-1203 Map
   Emmanuel Lutheran Church 614-443-9491 Map
   Epworth United Methodist Church 614-885-8015 Map
   Evangelical Covenant 614-471-2261 Map
   Exodus Felloeship Church 614-258-2444 Map
   Fairmoor Presbyterian Church 614-235-5636 Map
   Faith Christian Church 614-314-1068 Map
   Faith Lutheran Church Elca 614-237-4241 Map
   Faith United Methodist Church 614-861-9750 Map
   Fellowship Baptist Church 614-837-5807 Map
   Fellowship Lutheran Church 614-889-0113 Map
   First Alliance Church 614-457-4550 Map
   First Baptist Church-Gahanna 614-471-3352 Map
   First Christian Baptist Church 614-492-9105 Map
   First English Lutheran Church 614-252-3191 Map
   First Free Methodist Church 614-471-7139 Map
   First Mt Carmel Baptist Church 614-444-7372 Map
   Flintridge Missionary Baptist 614-235-9802 Map
   Fourth Avenue Christian Church 614-299-5959 Map
   Free Will Baptist State Office 614-497-1190 Map
   Freedom Chapel Cccu 614-443-2702 Map
   Friendly Freewill 614-491-2213 Map
   Friendship Baptist Church 614-279-0008 Map
   Gahanna Church of Christ 614-855-9004 Map
   Gahanna Enterprise Baptist Church 614-475-1937 Map
   Gahanna Free Will Baptist Church 614-471-5465 Map
   Gates-Fourth United Methodist 614-443-3458 Map
   Gethsemane Lutheran Church 614-885-4319 Map
   Glen Echo United Presbyterian 614-262-4866 Map
   Glenwood United Methodist Church 614-274-8469 Map
   Good Samaritan Baptist Church 614-252-3617 Map
   Good Shepherd Baptist Church 614-268-2041 Map
   Goodwill Baptist Church 614-258-4722 Map
   Grace Baptist Church 614-291-9714 Map
   Grace Central Presbyterian Church 614-299-0919 Map
   Grace Evangelical Lutheran-ELCA 614-861-3407 Map
   Grace of God Lutheran Church 614-274-6066 Map
   Greater 12th Baptist Church 614-291-0170 Map
   Greater Cols Free Will Baptist 614-279-1015 Map
   Greater Vision Missionary Baptist 614-253-5324 Map
   Harbor Baptist Mission 614-837-8558 Map
   Hebrew Baptist Church 614-252-3700 Map
   Hebron Baptist Church 614-252-0550 Map
   Hesed Christian Fellowship 614-431-5453 Map
   Highlands Presbyterian Church 614-764-2134 Map
   Hillcrest Baptist Church 614-274-4333 Map
   Hilltonia United Methodist Church 614-274-8683 Map
   Hilltop Lutheran Church 614-274-4170 Map
   Hilltop United Methodist Church 614-279-8086 Map
   Hilock Fellowship Church 614-491-1029 Map
   Hoge Memorial Presbyterian Church 614-276-5433 Map
   Holy Cross Church 614-224-3416 Map
   Holy Cross Lutheran Church 614-430-8772 Map
   Holy Family Church 614-221-4323 Map
   Holy Name Church 614-262-0390 Map
   Holy Resurrection 614-784-8110 Map
   Holy Rosary & St John 614-252-5926 Map
   Holy Spirit Catholic Church 614-861-1521 Map
   Holy Trinity Lutheran Church 614-486-5515 Map
   Hope Christian Ministries 614-322-0527 Map
   Hope Lutheran Church-Elca 614-258-6634 Map
   Hope United Methodist Church 614-491-0580 Map
   Hosack Street Baptist Church 614-491-3806 Map
   Hosack Street Church Sharing 614-491-0477 Map
   House of Faith Ministry USA 614-268-1260 Map
   Immaculate Conception 614-267-9241 Map
   Immanuel Baptist Church 614-274-4945 Map
   Independent Missionary Church 614-253-4965 Map
   Indianola Church of Christ 614-299-5800 Map
   Indianola Presbyterian Church 614-294-3796 Map
   Inner City Ministries 614-469-7920 Map
   Jackson Chapel Methodist Ch 614-875-4983 Map
   Jerusalem Tabernacle Baptist 614-258-3031 Map
   Joan Heights Church-Columbus 614-279-4916 Map
   Jordan Baptist Church 614-253-5880 Map
   Karl Road Baptist Church 614-885-3929 Map
   Karl Road Christian Church 614-888-3444 Map
   King Avenue United Methodist Church 614-424-6050 Map
   Korean Mission-Lane Ave Baptist 614-487-9151 Map
   Korean United Methodist Church 614-882-5819 Map
   Lamb of God Lutheran Church 614-471-5164 Map
   Lane Avenue Baptist Church SBC 614-488-7709 Map
   Lee Ave United Methodist Church 614-299-9120 Map
   Liberty Baptist Church 614-444-3230 Map
   Liberty Baptist Church 614-268-2379 Map
   Liberty Hill Baptist Church 614-443-6783 Map
   Lighthouse Ministries 614-444-1524 Map
   Lincoln Baptist Church 614-878-5695 Map
   Lincoln Park Community Baptist 614-444-9594 Map
   Linden Lutheran Church ELCA 614-262-4420 Map
   Linden United Methodist Church 614-262-1946 Map
   Linworth Baptist Church 614-844-4477 Map
   Living Word Church 614-235-9355 Map
   Livingston United Methodist 614-224-2006 Map
   Lockbourne Rd Baptist Church 614-444-4740 Map
   Lord of Life Lutheran Church 614-889-2292 Map
   Lords House Baptist Church 614-291-4764 Map
   Love Zion Baptist Church 614-258-2216 Map
   Lromo Lutheran Church 614-322-1184 Map
   Macedonia Baptist Church 614-252-4269 Map
   Maize Rd Baptist Church SBC 614-263-9901 Map
   Maple Grove United Methodist 614-262-1163 Map
   Maynard Ave Baptist Church 614-268-7681 Map
   Maynard Ave United Methodist 614-263-5145 Map
   Mc Kendree United Methodist 614-267-5451 Map
   Memorial Baptist Church 614-274-7551 Map
   Mifflin Presbyterian Church 614-471-4491 Map
   Minerva Park United Methodist 614-891-1897 Map
   Mountain Top Missionary Baptist 614-798-9873 Map
   Mt Ararat Baptist Church 614-463-9560 Map
   Mt Ararat Freedom Gospel 614-228-7442 Map
   Mt Carmel Baptist Church 614-444-0701 Map
   Mt Hermon Baptist Church 614-471-1133 Map
   Mt Ivory Baptist Church 614-258-0136 Map
   Mt Lebanon Baptist Church 614-263-2742 Map
   Mt Moriah Baptist Church 614-258-1083 Map
   Mt Nebo Baptist Church 614-475-1386 Map
   Mt Olivet Baptist Church 614-221-3446 Map
   Mt Pisgah Baptist Church 614-278-7747 Map
   Mt Vernon Missionary Baptist 614-258-7070 Map
   Mt Victory Baptist 614-299-6697 Map
   Mt Zion Missionary Baptist Church 614-294-2739 Map
   Neil Avenue Baptist Church 614-421-7867 Map
   New Bethlehem Baptist Church 614-299-8127 Map
   New Faith Baptist Church 614-258-9959 Map
   New Fellowship Baptist Church 614-237-7710 Map
   New Fellowship Chrisitan Church 614-577-0878 Map
   New Genesis Baptist Church 614-258-2043 Map
   New Hope Missionary Baptist 614-272-2712 Map
   New Horizons United Methodist 614-279-6643 Map
   New Life Baptist Church 614-428-9314 Map
   New Life Church Gahanna 614-475-8500 Map
   New Life United Methodist Church 614-294-0134 Map
   New Palistine Baptist Church 614-262-5353 Map
   New Salem Missionary Baptist 614-267-3835 Map
   New Zion Baptist Church 614-252-6674 Map
   Newman Center OSU 614-291-4674 Map
   North Baptist Church 614-888-2501 Map
   North Church 614-888-4600 Map
   North Columbus Alliance Church 614-847-7301 Map
   North Columbus Baptist Church 614-764-7374 Map
   North Community Lutheran Church 614-888-1955 Map
   North Free Will Baptist Church If 614-471-7700 Map
   North Linden Baptist Church 614-267-1790 Map
   North Metro Church 614-846-6758 Map
   North Park Church of Christ 614-882-6623 Map
   North United Methodist Church 614-262-7382 Map
   Northeast Baptist Church 614-471-2852 Map
   Northeast Church of Christ 614-475-3917 Map
   Northwest Methodist Church 614-451-1474 Map
   Oakland Park United Methodist 614-261-7470 Map
   Oakley Full Gospel Baptist 614-279-3307 Map
   Ohio Baptist Temple 614-837-3819 Map
   Ohio Free Methodist Foundation 614-473-0446 Map
   Old First Presbyterian Church 614-252-2237 Map
   Our Lady of Peace 614-263-8824 Map
   Our Lady of Victory 614-488-2428 Map
   Parkview United Methodist Church 614-274-8431 Map
   Parsons Baptist Church 614-491-1185 Map
   Peace Baptist Church 614-291-5125 Map
   Peace Lutheran Church 614-337-1000 Map
   Peace United Methodist Church 614-471-7670 Map
   Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church 614-258-2190 Map
   Pine Hills Baptist Church 614-866-3810 Map
   Presbytery of Scioto Valley 614-847-0565 Map
   Prince of Peace Lutheran Church 614-863-3124 Map
   Rainbow Missionary Baptist Church 614-262-9773 Map
   Reeb-Hosack Community Baptist 614-443-1940 Map
   Reese Chapel Church of Christ 614-491-3026 Map
   Reformation Lutheran Church 614-235-4995 Map
   Refuge Baptist Church 614-253-8739 Map
   Rehoboth Temple Church of Christ 614-252-8219 Map
   Restoration Baptist Church 614-239-0304 Map
   Riverside United Methodist Church 614-486-5201 Map
   Rock-of-Faith Baptist Church 614-252-0216 Map
   Rose of Sharon Baptist Church 614-294-5047 Map
   Sacred Heart Church 614-299-4191 Map
   Saint Elizabeth Church 614-891-0150 Map
   Salem Baptist Church 614-885-7252 Map
   Salem Baptist Church Parsonage 614-888-8113 Map
   Second Baptist Church 614-253-4313 Map
   Second Shiloh Baptist Church 614-491-4759 Map
   Seventh Avenue Community Baptist 614-294-7451 Map
   Shady Lane Presbyterian Church 614-239-7510 Map
   Shepard United Methodist Church 614-258-8836 Map
   Shiloh Baptist Church 614-253-7946 Map
   Smyrna Baptist Church 614-444-0345 Map
   Solid Rock Baptist Church 614-294-5279 Map
   South Cols Freewill Baptist 614-491-3266 Map
   Southern Ohio Synod Elca 614-464-3532 Map
   Southfield Missionary Baptist 614-491-9736 Map
   Southside Baptist Church SBC 614-444-3539 Map
   Southside Church of Christ 614-491-3015 Map
   Southwest Freewill Baptist Church 614-276-3861 Map
   Southwood Church of Christ 614-443-2244 Map
   Springhill Baptist Church 614-258-3830 Map
   St Agatha 614-488-6149 Map
   St Agnes Church 614-276-5413 Map
   St Aloysius Church 614-276-6587 Map
   St Andrew Church 614-451-4290 Map
   St Andrew Presbyterian Church 614-885-7609 Map
   St Andrew United Methodist Church 614-475-0412 Map
   St Anthony Church 614-885-4857 Map
   St Augustine & Gabriel Church 614-268-3123 Map
   St Catharine Church 614-231-4509 Map
   St Cecilia Church 614-878-5353 Map
   St Clare Roman Catholic Church 614-424-6278 Map
   St Dominic's Church 614-252-4913 Map
   St Francis of Assisi Church 614-299-5781 Map
   St James Baptist Church 614-262-0780 Map
   St James Lutheran Church-Mo 614-878-5158 Map
   St John Baptist Catholic 614-299-2156 Map
   St John Evangelical Lutheran 614-837-2947 Map
   St John's Baptist Church 614-299-3602 Map
   St John-Baptist Catholic Church 614-294-5319 Map
   St Joseph Cathedral 614-224-1295 Map
   St Ladislas Church 614-443-2828 Map
   St Leo Church 614-443-7685 Map
   St Luke Baptist Church 614-253-6463 Map
   St Luke Lutheran Church 614-471-7326 Map
   St Luke's United Methodist Church 614-488-9695 Map
   St Margaret of Cortona Church 614-279-1690 Map
   St Mark Lutheran Church 614-299-2514 Map
   St Mark's Baptist Church 614-252-4999 Map
   St Mark's United Methodist Church 614-878-6520 Map
   St Mary Magdalene 614-274-0639 Map
   St Mary Magdalene 614-274-1121 Map
   St Mary's Church 614-445-9668 Map
   St Matthew Catholic Rectory 614-471-0212 Map
   St Matthew Luthern Church 614-221-6980 Map
   St Matthews Evangelical Lutheran 614-224-9446 Map
   St Matthias Church 614-267-3406 Map
   St Michael Catholic Church 614-885-7814 Map
   St Paul United Church of Christ 614-444-1311 Map
   St Pauls Baptist Church 614-297-8063 Map
   St Peter's Church 614-889-0259 Map
   St Peters Evangelical Lutheran 614-299-6343 Map
   St Philip Lutheran Church 614-253-8745 Map
   St Philip the Apostle Church 614-237-1671 Map
   St Stephen the Martyr 614-272-5206 Map
   St Theresa's Retreat Center 614-866-1611 Map
   St Thomas Baptist Church 614-279-8765 Map
   St Timothy Catholic Church 614-451-2671 Map
   Starlight Baptist Church 614-294-4414 Map
   State Convention of Baptists 614-258-8491 Map
   Stewart Memorial Christian Mthdst 614-461-4663 Map
   Stonybrook United Methodist 614-471-0252 Map
   Stowe Baptist Center 614-443-1120 Map
   Summit United Methodist Church 614-291-3324 Map
   Taiwanese Christian Church 614-291-4411 Map
   Thurman Ave United Methodist 614-444-8375 Map
   Towns Coudia Baptist Church 614-262-0139 Map
   Travelers' Rest Baptist Church 614-291-0246 Map
   Triedstone Missionary Baptist 614-299-7069 Map
   Trinity Baptist Church 614-258-9583 Map
   Trinity Freewill Baptist Church 614-443-9291 Map
   Trinity Lutheran Church 614-224-6818 Map
   Trinity United Church of Christ 614-267-4539 Map
   Trinity United Methodist Church 614-488-0695 Map
   True Light Baptist Church 614-252-4007 Map
   Union Grove Baptist Church 614-258-8479 Map
   United Baptist Church 614-866-2147 Map
   United Methiodist Church St Andrw 614-473-1031 Map
   United Methodist Church-All 614-445-7342 Map
   United Methodist Conference Ofcs 614-844-6200 Map
   United Methodist District Office 614-222-0602 Map
   United Methodist Mission Society 614-228-1010 Map
   University Baptist Church 614-294-6333 Map
   University Lutheran Chapel 614-291-9317 Map
   Upper Arlington Christian Church 614-451-3640 Map
   Upper Arlington Lutheran Church 614-451-3736 Map
   Valley View Church of Christ 614-272-2450 Map
   Village Baptist Church 614-866-1125 Map
   Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church 614-337-9200 Map
   Walnut Heights Baptist Church 614-861-3249 Map
   Walnut Hill United Methodist 614-491-8161 Map
   Washington Ave Untd Mthdst Church 614-444-2522 Map
   West Park United Methodist Church 614-274-2690 Map
   West Second Ave Presbyterian 614-299-2444 Map
   Westgate Baptist Church SBC 614-279-6395 Map
   Westgate United Methodist Church 614-274-4271 Map
   Westhill Church of Christ 614-276-4070 Map
   Westminster Presbyterian Church 614-878-4623 Map
   Westphal Baptist Church 614-236-0412 Map
   Westside Baptist Church 614-221-5645 Map
   Westside Freewill Baptist Church 614-274-9454 Map
   Whitehall Baptist Church SBC 614-236-8833 Map
   Whitehall United Methodist Church 614-235-8796 Map
   Whitethorne Church of Christ 614-272-0373 Map
   Williams Rd Freewill Baptist 614-491-3062 Map
   Woodland Christian Church 614-258-0058 Map
   Worthington Baptist Church 614-888-0491 Map
   Worthington Presbyterian Church 614-885-5355 Map
   Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church 614-444-3456 Map
   Zion Hill Baptist Church 614-253-6166 Map
   Zion Lutheran Church Elca 614-491-3261 Map
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