New York County Wedding Catering

Find all the best New York County Wedding Catering below. Click on a wedding vendor's name to read reviews, watch videos, and get more information. Most listings have websites and email. You can click an icon to contact them directly. New York County wedding planning has never been easier. Find all your New York County Wedding Catering on The US Wedding Directory.

   Party Waiters Temp Agency 347-338-1790 Web Site Map 914-576-1919 Email Map
   A Delicate Balance Catering Co 212-685-7946 Web Site Map
   A Fine Affair Catering & Evnts 212-693-5500 Map
   A La Carte Catering 646-274-1409 Map
   Abigail Kirsch Web Site
   Acme Catering Service 212-265-0072 Map
   Addicott & Burns Inc 212-577-6893 Map
   African Palava 212-889-7921 Map
   Al Bustan Restaurant 212-759-5933 Web Site Map
   Al's Delicatessen 212-594-5682 Map
   Al's Gourmet Deli 212-867-8210 Map
   Albella Restaurant Bar 212-267-5900 Map
   Alchemiq 347-448-0728 Email Web Site Map
   Aleo Restaurant Corp 212-691-8136 Web Site Map
   Alger House in the Village and Manhattan 212-627-8838 Web Site Map
   Allen Coppola Caterering 212-832-2273 Map
   Allure Catering 212-585-0808 Map
   Alonti Cafe 212-661-5571 Web Site Map
   Alonti Cafe 212-730-8117 Web Site Map
   Amanesca Events 212-410-4112 Web Site
   Annemaries Feast Caterers 212-217 2100 Email Web Site Map
   Anytime Party Events 212-725-4570 Email Web Site Map
   Balance for Life 212-206-1645 Map
   Barbaresco Restaurant 212-517-2288 Map
   Battery Gardens Restaurant 212-809-6700
   Bayou 212-426-3800 Map
   Bedrock Catering 212-387-0155 Map
   Beekman Tower 212-355-7300 Map
   Ben & Jack's Steak House 212-682-5678 Map
   Ben & Jerry's 212-221-1001 Web Site Map
   Ben's Kosher Delicatessen Restaurants & Caterers 212-398-2367 Web Site Map
   C G Catering 212-242-5002 Map
   C G Catering 212-686-0412 Map
   C Perry Catering 917-721-3052 Map
   Cafe Frida Restaurant 212-712-2929 Map
   Cafe Metro 212-391-7800 Web Site Map
   Cafe University 212-995-0111 Map
   D M Cuisine Ltd 212-673-5348 Map
   D M Cuisine Ltd 212-673-5707 Map
   D'aiuto's Pastry Corp 212-247-1942 Map
   D'aiuto's Pastry Corp 212-564-7136 Web Site Map
   Danube 212-791-3771 Map
   David Ziff Cooking Inc 212-289-6199 Web Site Map
   Deb's Catering 212-675-4550 Web Site Map
   Deb's Catering 212-352-8256 Map
   Deborah Miller Catering & Events 212-964-1300 Email Web Site Map
   Delmonico 212-751-5559 Web Site Map
   Deluxe on Broadway Inc 212-662-7900 Map
   Devon & Blakely 212-489-0990 Web Site Map
   Devon & Blakely 212-661-0101 Web Site Map
   Devon & Blakely 212-684-4321 Web Site Map
   Devon & Blakely Fine Food 212-338-0606 Web Site Map
   Digby's Cafe 212-977-1192 Web Site Map
   Dillons Restaurant & Lounge 212-307-9797 Map
   Dine by Design 212-253-6408 Web Site Map
   Directors Catering 212-431-4995 Map
   E Leila Inc 212-229-1970 Map
   East Coast Yacht Charters, Inc. 800-278-7178 Web Site Map
   East Village Catering Inc 212-253-2588 Map
   Edison Assoc Ltd 212-921-1940 Web Site Map
   El Charro Espanol 212-242-9547 Web Site Map
   El Flamingo Club 212-243-2121 Web Site Map
   Extravagent Bridal Services 718-588-7137 Email Map
   Fabulous Food Inc 212-245-9075 Web Site Map
   Fagiolini Restaurant Inc 212-883-9555 Web Site Map
   Fairway Market 212-595-1888 Web Site Map
   Feast & Fetes Catering Inc 212-737-2224 Web Site Map
   Feast on US 212-242-8231 Map
   Ferncliff Delicatessen 212-260-1700 Map
   Flatotel 212-887-9400 Web Site Map
   Flavors Catering & Carryout 212-647-1234 Map
   Focaccia Fiorentina Inc 212-683-0371 Map
   Food for Thought Catered Event 212-929-4689 Web Site Map
   Food for Thought International Catering 212-779-3962 Map
   Food Matters 212-987-2628 Email Web Site Map
   Foremost Caterers 212-874-0311 Map
   Framboise Catering 212-687-6041 Map
   Francisco's Centro Vasco 212-989-9109 Map
   Frankie & Johnnie's Restaurant 212-997-9494 Map
   G & M Kosher Caterers Co 212-677-0090 Web Site Map
   Gabrielle's Catering & Event 212-749-0058 Map
   Gallagher's Steak House 212-245-5336 Web Site Map
   Gaslight 212-807-8444 Web Site Map
   Gate House 212-488-8444 Map
   Gay Jordan Bespoke Food 212-794-2248 Map
   Giambelli 50 212-688-2760 Web Site Map
   Gill's Catering 212-414-2686 Map
   Giorgio's Of Gramercy 212-477-0006 Web Site Map
   Glorious Food Inc 212-628-2320 Web Site Map
   Gmax Catering 212-567-1230 Map
   GMI Brokerage Corp. 212-671-2562 Email Web Site Map
   Go Catering Inc 212-924-4502 Web Site Map
   Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery 212-283-5933 Map
   Good Caterers 212-665-2704 Map
   Gourmet Gal 212-995-2238 Web Site Map
   Gourmet Garage East 212-535-5880 Web Site Map
   Gracious Thyme Inc 212-873-1965 Web Site Map
   Hadleigh's 212-580-0669 Web Site Map
   Hanna's 212-876-1717 Map
   Harlem Windows Restaurant 212-665-4337 Map
   Hatsuhana 212-661-3400 Web Site Map
   Have A Seat 212-366-4192 Map
   Ho Fat Corp 212-267-0733 Web Site Map
   Holiday Inn Hotels 866-270-5112 Map
   Holiday Inn Midtown 212-581-8100 Map
   Igmc 212-765-8714 Web Site Map
   Iku Worldwide 212-627-5777 Map
   Impress Deli Inc 212-545-1334 Map
   In House Caterers 212-427-2818 Map
   Indiana Market & Catering Inc 212-579-3531 Web Site Map
   Inter Continental Barclay NY 212-755-5900 Web Site Map
   Inwood Cafe 212-942-6900 Map
   Isadoras Cafe 212-888-5656 Map
   Italian Food Center 212-925-2954 Map
   J's 212-693-9090 Map
   James Street Catering 212-393-9200 Map
   Japonica Restaurant 212-243-7752 Map
   Jason Rogers Hale Inc 212-288-8438 Map
   Jason's Catering 212-695-0707 Web Site Map
   Jim Mc Mullen Catering 212-988-7676 Map
   Joanie's Restaurant 212-689-5656 Map
   Joe Broadway Steak House 212-246-6513 Web Site Map
   Joe G Pizza & Restaurant 212-765-3160 Map
   John's Catering Service 718-893-1440 Map
   Josh's Place Catering 212-234-2642 Map
   Karabelas Caterers 212-758-1233 Map
   Karen Lee Caterer 212-787-2227 Web Site Map
   Katz's Delicatessen 212-254-2246 Web Site Map
   Kin Khao Catering 212-529-8425 Map
   Korea Palace 212-832-2350 Map
   Kosher Creations 212-663-0121 Web Site Map
   Kosher Market Place Inc 212-580-6378 Map
   La Belle Epoque 212-254-6436 Web Site Map
   La Belle Vie 212-929-4320 Web Site Map
   La Bonne Cuisine Catering 212-531-3477 Web Site Map
   La Cafe 212-741-5252 Map
   La Gourmandise Inc 212-226-0351
   La Hacienda 212-987-1617 Map
   Landmark Gourmet 212-422-2929 Web Site Map
   Lazzara's Pizza 212-944-7792 Web Site Map
   Loft Eleven/Penthouse 15 212-871-0940 Web Site
   M Fahrer Caterers 212-673-8725 Map
   Mad 61 212-833-2222 Map
   Madison Caterers 212-502-0062 Web Site Map
   Madras Mahal Restaurant 212-684-4010 Web Site Map
   Mama Mexico Midtown 212-935-1316 Web Site Map
   Mama Mexico Uptown 212-864-2323 Web Site Map
   Mama's Food Shop 212-777-4425 Map
   Manganaro Foods & Restaurant 212-563-5331 Web Site Map
   Manganaro's Hero-Boy Restaurant 212-947-7325 Web Site Map
   Mangia 212-647-0200 Map
   Mangia Restaurant 212-582-5882 Web Site Map
   Manhattan Catering Inc 212-265-4076 Map
   Manhattan Catering Inc 212-633-0770 Map
   Manhattan Mansions Inc 212-727-9533 Map
   Manna Catering 212-966-3449 Web Site Map
   Marcey Brownstein Catering 212-807-6444 Web Site Map
   Marco Polo Caterers Inc 212-647-1515 Web Site Map
   Mariella Pizza Inc 212-777-1220 Map
   Marinella Restaurant 212-807-7472 Map
   Marjorie's Catering 212-206-7017 Web Site Map
   Marjorie's Catering 212-932-8002 Map
   Mark Fahrer Caterer Cafe 212-889-7522 Web Site Map
   Naturally Delicious Caterers 212-675-6462 Map
   Neri's Food Court Inc 212-349-1717 Map
   Neuman & Bogdonoff Caterers 212-228-2444 Web Site Map
   New Creole Kitchen 212-864-5381 Map
   New York Caterers & Party Plan 212-396-9351 Web Site Map
   New York Catering LLC 212-396-2441 Map
   New York Hilton 212-586-7000 Map
   New York Marriott Marquis 212-704-8740 Map
   New York Weddings 212-878-4457 Web Site
   Newman & Leventhal Caterer 212-427-7912 Map
   Newman & Leventhal Caterers 212-362-9400 Map
   Nibble's Gourmet Catering 212-410-0426 Map
   Noosh Catering 0413 181 109 Email Web Site Map
   O'neals Lincoln Center Restaurant 212-787-4663 Map
   Ok Central Deli 212-737-3354 Map
   Olde Triangle Caterers Inc 212-630-0241 Map
   Out of the Kitchen 212-242-0399 Web Site Map
   Oxford Catering Cafe 212-252-1818 Map
   P J Bernstein Deli Restaurant 212-879-0914 Web Site Map
   P J's of Little Italy 212-226-3177 Web Site Map
   P Q Catering 646-613-8442 Map
   Pamela D'orazio Orders 212-691-1866 Map
   Papatzul 212-274-8218 Map
   Paradise Catering 212-980-1250 Map
   Paradise Catering 212-949-8646 Map
   Paradise Deli 212-972-7320 Map
   Park Ave Catering & Patisserie 212-689-6199 Web Site Map
   Party Box Inc 212-935-4100 Map
   Pastrami Factory Restaurant 212-689-8090 Map
   Patsy's Italian Restaurant 212-247-3491 Web Site Map
   Paul Evans Caterers 212-243-4494 Web Site Map
   Raging Skillet 212-463-0872 Web Site Map
   Rainbow Room 212-632-5000 Web Site Map
   Ramco Food 212-368-3736 Map
   Red Table Catering Inc 212-979-1992 Map
   Refreshment Committee 212-267-9746 Map
   Regent Wall Street Hotel 212-845-8600 Web Site Map
   Relish Caterers LLC 212-228-1672 Map
   Rememeber Basil Caterers 212-753-3955 Map
   Remy Lounge 212-267-4646 Web Site Map
   Restaurant Associates 212-757-0461 Map
   Rex Duval Caterers 212-795-5215 Map
   RIHGA ROYAL New York-A JW Marriott Hotel 212-307-5000 Map
   Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs 212-924-6500 Web Site Map
   S C Catering 212-244-3432 Map
   Sabena's A Good Food Place 212-587-0505 Web Site Map
   Sabroso Catering 212-771-2177 Map
   Saffron 59 Catering 212-253-1343 Web Site Map
   Saji Japan Food Enterprises 212-749-1834 Map
   Sal Anthony's Spqr Restaurant 212-925-3120 Web Site Map
   Sale & Pepe 212-968-7700 Web Site Map
   Samarinda 212-362-0304 Map
   San Martin Restaurant 212-832-0888 Web Site Map
   Sarges Deli & Restaurant 212-679-0442 Web Site Map
   Savor 212-244-3617 Map
   Savory Sojourns Inc 212-691-7314 Web Site Map
   Scharf Caterers Inc 212-228-3737 Map
   Scoozi Events NYC Inc 212-873-0444 Map
   Scott Lawrence Caterers 212-242-5393 Map
   Seasons Distinctive Catering 212-420-6045 Map
   Sebastians Catering 212-832-3880 Web Site Map
   Splashlight Studios 212-268-7247 Email Map
   Sterling Affair 917-468-8523 Web Site Map
   Table of Contents Catering Inc 212-620-0622 Map
   Table Tales 212-766-0917 Web Site Map
   Talia's Steakhouse & Bar 212-580-3770 Web Site Map
   Talk of the Town Personal Chef 212-781-1050 Map
   Tara's Catering 212-675-4700 Map
   Taste Caterers 212-255-8571 Web Site Map
   Taste of Tokyo 212-809-4711 Web Site Map
   Tastefully Done Catering 212-977-1777 Web Site Map
   Tastings 212-532-6300 Map
   Tasty Delicatessen 212-923-0700 Map
   Tasty Thoughts 212-715-0590 Map
   Tentation Catering Inc 212-564-7530 Web Site Map
   Tentation Potel & Chebot Inc 212-353-0070 Web Site Map
   Terrace in the Sky 212-666-9490 Web Site Map
   The Crepe Escape Caterers 212-472-2604 Email Web Site Map
   The Upper Crust 212-691-4570 Web Site Map
   The Works Catering 212-780-1942- Email Web Site Map
   Uncle Vanya 212-262-0542 Map
   Upper Class Catering Hall 212-410-4746 Map
   Utopia Catering 718-448-4902 Map
   Victor's Cafe 212-586-7714 Web Site Map
   Villa Mosconi Restaurant 212-673-0390 Web Site Map
   Villa Rotone 212-608-6455 Map
   Village Caterers 212-529-2207 Map
   Vittorio Cucina Regional Rstrn 212-463-0730 Web Site Map
   W A & A Deli 212-533-4561 Map
   Wallstcaterers.Com 212-406-6600 Web Site Map
   Warwick Hotel New York 212-247-2700 Map
   West Side Chefs 212-541-8999 Map
   Westin Hotels & Resorts 212-201-2700 Web Site Map
   Whole Foods Market 212-924-5969 Web Site Map
   William Poll 212-288-0501 Web Site Map
   Winston & Adrienne Caterers 212-734-7726 Map
   Wolf's Bay Deli P S Catering 212-221-3334 Map
   Wolf's Delicatessen & Restaurant 212-406-6900 Map
   World Yacht Inc 212-630-8800 Map
   Worldwide Events Ltd 212-734-3638 Web Site Map
   Yipeee Inc 212-604-0777 Web Site Map
   Z S Delicatessen 212-744-3010 Map
   Zabar's 212-787-2000 Web Site Map
   Zephyr Grill 212-223-4200 Map
   Zwigard Todd & Paddington 212-227-2252 Map
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