New York County Wedding Restaurants - Chinese

Find all the best New York County Wedding Restaurants - Chinese below. Click on a wedding vendor's name to read reviews, watch videos, and get more information. Most listings have websites and email. You can click an icon to contact them directly. New York County wedding planning has never been easier. Find all your New York County Wedding Restaurants - Chinese on The US Wedding Directory.

   Beijing Wok 212-639-9418 Map
   Bel Jing Chinese Foods 212-262-6162 Map
   Cafe Evergreen 212-744-3266 Web Site Map
   East Corner Won Ton 212-343-9896 Map
   East Ocean Chinese Fast Food 212-588-0699 Web Site Map
   East Sea Chinese Restaurant 212-569-7768 Map
   Eastern Chinese Restaurant 212-567-8124 Web Site Map
   Eden Wok 212-787-8700 Web Site Map
   Empire Chinese Restaurant 212-569-1212 Web Site Map
   Empire Szechuan Garden Corp 212-496-8460 Map
   Empire Szechuan Gourmet 212-663-6004 Map
   Empire Szechuan Greenwich 212-691-1535 Map
   Empire Szechuan Noodle House 212-568-1600 Map
   Empire Szechuan Village 212-243-6046 Web Site Map
   Empire Wok 212-439-6666 Map
   Fa Xing Restaurant 212-423-0760 Map
   Fast Wok 212-255-7385 Map
   Fei Ming Chinese Restaurant 212-569-5200 Web Site Map
   First Wok 212-535-8598 Map
   Flor De Mayo Restaurant 212-595-2525 Map
   Flower Drum Restaurant 212-697-4280 Map
   Foo King Chinese Kitchen 212-307-6701 Web Site Map
   Go Noodle 212-888-6366 Map
   Golden China 5th Avenue 212-368-7372 Map
   Golden Chopstick Chinese Rstnt 212-825-0314 Map
   Golden City Chinese Restaurant 212-736-4004 Map
   Golden City Chinese Restaurant 212-781-1979 Map
   Golden Empire Chinese Restaurant 212-281-6518 Web Site Map
   Golden Unicorn Restaurant Inc 212-941-0911 Map
   Golden Wok 212-281-0808 Map
   Golden Wok 212-876-2011 Map
   Golden Wok Noodle House Inc 212-227-9806 Map
   Good Good Taste 212-385-9220 Map
   Gourmet Wok 212-879-5060 Map
   Hana Restaurant Inc 212-732-9250 Web Site Map
   Hang Chang Chinese Restaurant 212-348-2813 Map
   Hang Lee Chinese Restaurant 212-942-0927 Map
   Hang Lung Chinese Restaurant 212-568-5810 Map
   Hao Cheng Chinese Restaurant 212-924-6950 Map
   Happy Wok 212-828-9666 Map
   Happy Wok Restaurant 212-388-9800 Map
   Ho Wong Coffee House 212-966-5626 Map
   Hon Wong Restaurant Inc 212-966-8732 Map
   Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant 212-926-5689 Map
   Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant 212-689-1025 Map
   Ikura Restraunt 212-529-8500 Map
   Imperial China 212-747-9099 Map
   Imperial Dragon Restaurant 212-582-6180 Map
   Imperial Hunan Restaurant 212-532-0250 Map
   J & P Wok' N Roll Inc 212-260-6666 Map
   Jade House 212-795-0975 Map
   Jaya Malaysian Restaurant 212-219-3331 Map
   Jimmy's House Chinese Restaurant 212-725-7888 Web Site Map
   Joe's Shanghai 212-333-3868 Map
   Joe's Shanghai Restaurant 212-233-8888 Web Site Map
   John Shanghai Restaurant Inc 212-869-9183 Map
   Kam Lai Chinese Restaurant 212-749-8990 Map
   Kam Wah Chinese Kitchen 212-876-1002 Map
   King Dragon Two Inc 212-567-2898 Map
   King Wok 212-675-8989 Map
   King Wok Kitchen 212-222-2748 Map
   King's Wok Chinese Restaurant 212-876-5029 Map
   Kwong Ming Restaurant 212-289-5080 Map
   La Nueva Victoria Restaurant 212-865-1810 Map
   Manchu Wok 212-586-2638 Web Site Map
   Mandarin Court Restaurant Inc 212-608-3838 Map
   New Amsterdam Chinese Restaurant 212-662-8881 Map
   New China 212-543-0391 Map
   New China Restaurant 212-463-7110 Map
   New China V 212-213-3883 Map
   New Chinatown Restaurant of NY 212-420-8799 Map
   New Dragon Kitchen 212-663-2015 Map
   New Dragon Restaurant 212-777-3888 Map
   New Epicurean Chinese Restaurant 212-349-8088 Map
   New Hong Kong Kitchen 212-534-5533 Map
   New Peking Restaurant 212-942-7287 Map
   New Shanghai International USA Corp 212-249-1474 Map
   New Shanghai Noodle 212-316-6643 Map
   New Wing Shing Chinese Kitchen 212-426-8588 Map
   Ocean Dragon 212-245-7210 Map
   One Chinatown Restaurant 212-406-1944 Map
   Our Place II 212-753-3900 Web Site Map
   Panda Restaurant 212-695-0836 Web Site Map
   Panda Restaurant 212-866-4211 Web Site Map
   Panda Restaurant-Sutton Place 212-752-8822 Web Site Map
   Quo's Garden 212-831-5900 Map
   Raku 212-873-1220 Web Site Map
   Red Lantern 212-889-4711 Map
   S Dynasty Restaurant 212-355-1200 Map
   Sang Choon Chinese Restaurant 212-629-6450 Map
   T S Ma Restaurant 212-971-0050 Map
   Tan Wong Restaurant 212-385-6015 Map
   Taste Good Inc 212-741-3223 Map
   Tea Den Chinese Restaurant Inc 212-265-8880 Map
   Ten-Tan Chinese Restaurant 212-304-0330 Map
   U Like Chinese Restaurant 212-663-8888 Map
   Uptown Cottage 212-534-7041 Map
   Wai Lee Chinese Restaurant 212-666-3733 Map
   Wang's Chinese Restaurant 212-517-7798 Map
   West Side Chefs 212-541-8999 Map
   West Side Cottage Inc 212-957-8008 Map
   Westside Cottage II 212-245-0800 Map
   Wing Gong I Kitchen 212-410-1661 Map
   Wing Sing Chinese Restaurant 212-360-1269 Map
   Wing Wong 212-965-1560 Map
   Wing Wong Inc 212-274-0690 Map
   Wo Hop Restaurant 212-566-3841 Map
   Woh Hup 88 Inc 212-879-4000 Map
   Wok 'n Roll 212-869-7777 Map
   Won Ton Specialists Inc 212-219-2755 Map
   Xiang Dragon 212-369-8012 Map
   Yang's Happy Wok 212-228-2555 Map
   Yap Express Corp 212-752-1142 Map
   Yeung's Number 1 Chinese 212-304-1360 Map
   Yummy House 212-505-1668 Web Site Map
   Yummy House 212-996-3666 Map
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