New York County Wedding Ceremony Locations - Churches

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   5th Church 212-687-0286 Map
   Abyssinian Baptist Church 212-862-7474 Map
   Abyssinian Baptist Church 212-491-2920 Map
   Advent Lutheran Church 212-866-2100 Map
   African Methodist Episcopal Ch 212-870-2258 Map
   All Saints Church 212-534-3535 Map
   Annunciation Rectory 212-234-1919 Map
   Antioch Baptist Church 212-222-2324 Map
   Baptist Temple Church 212-996-0334 Map
   Bethany Baptist Church 212-283-8723 Map
   Bethany Christian Church 212-831-9398 Map
   Bethel Holy Church-Mt Sinai 212-283-9407 Map
   Bethelite Community Church 212-427-2839 Map
   Bethlehem Moriah Baptist 212-862-0560 Map
   Beulah Baptist Church 212-926-4829 Map
   Beulah Wesleyan Methodist Church 212-694-9463 Map
   Blessed Sacrament Church 212-877-3111 Map
   Brick Presbyterian Church 212-289-4400 Map
   Bryant Memorial Zion Baptist 212-368-5282 Map
   Calvary Baptist Church 212-975-0170 Map
   Canaan Baptist Church 212-866-0301 Map
   Canaan Baptist Church 212-866-5711 Map
   Central Baptist Church of NY 212-724-4004 Map
   Central Presbyterian Church 212-838-0808 Map
   Chambers Memorial Baptist Church 212-289-6606 Map
   Chinese Community Church 212-864-4250 Map
   Chinese Conservative Baptist 212-962-6040 Map
   Chinese Methodist Center Corp 212-349-2703 Map
   Chinese Missionary Baptist Church 212-964-4180 Map
   Christ Church United Methodist 212-838-3036 Map
   Christ Lutheran Church 212-475-5906 Map
   Christ Temple Baptist Church 212-491-8043 Map
   Christian A Johnson & Endeavor 212-348-5153 Map
   Christian Ettinger 212-683-6747 Map
   Christian Lacroix & Masvil 212-245-4860 Map
   Church for All Nations 212-333-5583 Map
   Church of All Nations 212-777-3750 Map
   Church of Mary Help-Christians 212-254-0058 Map
   Church of Notre Dame 212-866-1500 Map
   Church of Our Lady-Esperanza 212-283-4340 Map
   Church of Our Saviour 212-679-8166 Map
   Church of St Gregory 212-724-9766 Map
   Church of St Mark 212-281-4931 Map
   Church of St Thomas More 212-876-7718 Map
   Church of the Ascension 212-222-0666 Map
   Church of the Covenant 212-697-3185 Map
   Church of the Crucified Christ 212-860-1239 Map
   Church of the Incarnation 212-927-7474 Map
   Church of the Master 212-666-8200 Map
   Church of the Meek 212-862-8640 Map
   Church on the Hill 212-928-2324 Map
   Church-Our Lady of Mt Carmel 212-534-0681 Map
   Damascus Christian Church 212-228-5544 Map
   Day Spring Baptist Church 212-281-4606 Map
   Dewitt Reformed Church 212-674-3341 Map
   Dominican Fathers 212-288-5870 Map
   Downtown Baptist Church 212-690-0250 Map
   East 7 Baptist Church 212-253-5448 Map
   East Mt Olive Baptist Church 212-289-0477 Map
   East Side Tabernacle 212-673-9815 Map
   East Ward Missionary Baptist 212-410-9073 Map
   Ebenezer AME Church 212-348-8787 Map
   Ebenezer Wesleyan Methodist 212-534-5655 Map
   Emmanuel Presbyterian Church 212-228-0431 Map
   Emmanuel Presbyterian Church 212-870-3185 Map
   Emmanuel Spanish Baptist Church 212-533-3838 Map
   Epiphany Rc Church Rectory 212-475-1966 Map
   Faith Mission Baptist Church 212-932-1832 Map
   Father's Heart Ministries 212-375-1765 Map
   Finnish Lutheran Church 212-638-4195 Map
   First Alliance Church 212-604-0300 Map
   First Baptist Church 212-368-7376 Map
   First Baptist Church 212-724-5600 Map
   First Calvery Baptist Church 212-281-2192 Map
   First Chinese Baptist Church 212-267-6436 Map
   First Corinthian Baptist Church 212-864-9526 Map
   First Ebenezer Baptist Church 212-234-2013 Map
   First Presbyterian Church 212-675-6150 Map
   First Sharon Baptist Church 212-348-2038 Map
   First Spanish Methodist Church 212-289-5690 Map
   Forefront Church 212-388-1831 Map
   French Evangelical Church 212-929-6312 Map
   Friends-Religious Soc of 212-673-5750 Map
   Friendship Baptist Church 212-281-0600 Map
   Ft George Presbyterian Church 212-568-7374 Map
   German Lutheran St Paul's Church 212-929-1955 Map
   Gethsemane Garden Baptist Church 212-353-3403 Map
   Glendale Baptist Church 212-749-1719 Map
   Good Neighbor Presbyterian Church 212-369-0505 Map
   Good Shepherd-Faith Church 212-877-0685 Map
   Gospel Presbyterian Church 212-629-7327 Map
   Grace & St Paul's Church 212-877-5810 Map
   Grace United Methodist Church 212-316-3161 Map
   Greater Central Baptist Church 212-694-9419 Map
   Greater File Chapel Baptist 212-283-1070 Map
   Greater New Hope Missionary 212-254-5854 Map
   Greater Tabernacle Baptist Church 212-368-4754 Map
   Greater Zion Hill Baptist Church 212-864-9780 Map
   Greater Zion Hill Baptist Church 212-678-0792 Map
   Haitian Community Baptist 212-862-9121 Map
   Heritage Baptist Church 212-947-5316 Map
   Holy Cross Rectory 212-246-4732 Map
   Holy Family Church 212-753-3401 Map
   Holy Innocents Rectory 212-279-5861 Map
   Holy Name Parish Rectory 212-749-0276 Map
   Holy Rosary Church 212-534-0740 Map
   Holy Trinity Catholic Church 212-787-0634 Map
   Holy Trinity Lutheran Church 212-877-6815 Map
   Holy Trinity Slovak Lutheran 212-475-7069 Map
   House of Prayer Baptist Church 212-722-3783 Map
   Iglesia Biblica Cristiana 212-567-3576 Map
   Immaculate Conception Church 212-254-0200 Map
   Immanuel Lutheran Church 212-289-8128 Map
   Jehovah-Jireh Baptist Church 212-234-5422 Map
   Judson Memorial Church 212-477-0351 Map
   Korean Church & Institute 212-662-1422 Map
   Korean Methodist Church 917-493-7553 Map
   Korean Soh Myung Church 212-679-5264 Map
   Legree Baptist Church 212-678-0200 Map
   Lexington United Methodist Church 212-838-6915 Map
   Life Ministry 212-768-2366 Map
   Love Gospel Christian Center 212-260-3333 Map
   Lutheran Church of Gustavus Adolphus 212-674-0739 Map
   Lutheran Church of Trnsfgrtn 212-722-0601 Map
   Lutheran Community Service Inc 212-240-9952 Map
   Lutheran OFC-World Community 212-808-5360 Map
   Macedonia Baptist Church 212-283-7973 Map
   Madison Avenue Baptist Church 212-685-1377 Map
   Madison Avenue Presbyterian 212-288-8920 Map
   Manhattan Baptist Church 212-663-8906 Map
   Manhattan Fellowship 212-243-3104 Map
   Manhattan Korean Presbyterian 212-420-7096 Map
   Mariners' Temple Baptist Church 212-233-0423 Map
   Memorial Baptist Church 212-663-8830 Map
   Metropolitan Baptist Church 212-663-8990 Map
   Metropolitan Community Church 212-289-6157 Map
   Metropolitan Koryo Untd Mthdst 212-932-7746 Map
   Most Holy Redeemer Church 212-673-4224 Map
   Most Precious Blood Church 212-226-6427 Map
   Mother AME Zion Church 212-234-1545 Map
   Mount Moriah Baptist Church 212-289-9488 Map
   Mt Calvary Baptist Church 212-234-1447 Map
   Mt Calvary Methodist Church 212-281-1658 Map
   Mt Nebo Baptist Church 212-866-7880 Map
   Mt Pisgah Church 212-289-0205 Map
   Mt Pleasant Baptist Church 212-496-9673 Map
   Mt Washington Presbyterian 212-567-0442 Map
   Mt Zion AME Church 212-369-6643 Map
   Nanhattan Chinese Baptist Church 212-496-1486 Map
   Nativity Church 212-674-8590 Map
   New Convenant Holiness Church 212-283-8735 Map
   New Covenent Life Christian 212-690-0096 Map
   New Ebenezer Baptist Church 212-534-5766 Map
   New Mt Zion Baptist Church 212-283-9501 Map
   New Song Community Church 212-749-6122 Map
   North Presbyterian Church 212-926-5162 Map
   NY Chinese Baptist Church 212-431-0377 Map
   Old St Patrick's Cathedral 212-226-8075 Map
   Our Lady of Good Counsel Church 212-289-1742 Map
   Our Lady of Loretto Roman 212-431-9840 Map
   Our Lady of Lourdes Church 212-862-4380 Map
   Our Lady of Peace 212-838-3189 Map
   Our Lady of Perpetual Help 212-838-1324 Map
   Our Lady of Pompei Church 212-989-6805 Map
   Our Lady of Sorrows Rectory 212-673-0900 Map
   Our Lady of the Scapular Church 212-532-2232 Map
   Our Saviours Atonement Lutheran 212-923-5757 Map
   Paradise Baptist Church 212-781-3310 Map
   Park Avenue United Methodist 212-427-5421 Map
   Presbyterian Church USA 212-870-2107 Map
   Presbyterian Welcome 917-441-8638 Map
   Primera Iglesia Baptista 212-568-3868 Map
   Primera Iglesia Bautista 212-828-6356 Map
   Progressive Baptist Church 212-749-5222 Map
   Protestante Baptist Oeuv 212-694-7323 Map
   Reach Out Baptist Church 212-996-6626 Map
   Redeemer Presbyterian Church 212-808-4460 Map
   Remnant Presbyterian Church 212-779-0908 Map
   Rendall Memorial Presbyterian 212-283-2928 Map
   Resurrection Roman Catholic 212-690-7555 Map
   Rocky Mt Baptist Church 212-942-1253 Map
   Roth Christian Francis Inc 212-989-4749 Map
   Rutgers Presbyterian Church PCUSA 212-877-8227 Map
   Sacred Heart Church 212-265-5020 Map
   Salem United Methodist Church 212-678-2700 Map
   Second Canaan Baptist Church 212-722-7080 Map
   Second Corinthian Baptist Church 212-534-6776 Map
   Second Friendship Baptist Church 212-678-5355 Map
   Second Manuel Baptist Church 212-410-2164 Map
   Second Presbyterian Church 212-749-1700 Map
   Second Providence Baptist Church 212-831-6751 Map
   Second Spanish Baptist Church 212-534-8672 Map
   Second St John Baptist Church 212-749-4337 Map
   Shiloh Baptist Church 212-234-0440 Map
   Southern Baptist Church 212-678-9769 Map
   Spanish Christian Church 212-410-3148 Map
   Spanish Church La Guadalupe 212-243-5317 Map
   Springfield Missionary Baptist 212-662-9528 Map
   St Andrews Roman Catholic Church 212-962-3972 Map
   St Ann's Roman Catholic Church 212-534-3856 Map
   St Anthony of Padua Church 212-925-5238 Map
   St Anthony's Church 212-777-2755 Map
   St Cabrini Shrine 212-923-3536 Map
   St Catherine of Siena Church 212-988-8300 Map
   St Charles Church 212-281-2100 Map
   St Cyril's Church 212-674-3442 Map
   St Elizabeth Ann Seton Shrine 212-269-6865 Map
   St Elizabeth's Church 212-568-8803 Map
   St Emeric's Church 212-228-4494 Map
   St Frances Cabrini Church 212-832-6778 Map
   St Francis Church 212-736-8500 Map
   St Francis De Sales Church 212-289-0425 Map
   St Francis Xavier Church 212-627-2100 Map
   St George's Ukrainian Catholic 212-674-1615 Map
   St Ignatius Loyola Church 212-288-3588 Map
   St James AME Church 212-369-2020 Map
   St James Church 212-233-0161 Map
   St James Presbyterian Church 212-283-4541 Map
   St Jean Baptiste Church 212-288-5082 Map
   St John Baptist Church 212-283-2648 Map
   St John Evangelist Church 212-753-8418 Map
   St John Nepomucene Church 212-734-4613 Map
   St John the Martyr Rectory 212-744-4880 Map
   St John's Lutheran Church 212-242-5737 Map
   St Joseph's Catholic Church 914-741-1274 Map
   St Joseph's Church 212-289-6030 Map
   St Joseph's Church 212-466-0131 Map
   St Joseph's Church Rectory 212-662-9125 Map
   St Jude's Roman Catholic Church 212-569-3000 Map
   St Lucy Catholic Church 212-534-1470 Map
   St Luke Baptist Church 212-864-9447 Map
   St Luke's Lutheran Church 212-246-3540 Map
   St Malachy's Church 212-489-1340 Map
   St Mary's Catholic Church 212-677-0516 Map
   St Mary's Church 212-674-3266 Map
   St Matthew's Lutheran Church 212-567-5948 Map
   St Michael's Catholic Church 212-563-2575 Map
   St Monica's Church 212-288-6250 Map
   St Paul & St Andrew Methodist 212-362-3179 Map
   St Paul Baptist Church 212-283-8174 Map
   St Paul the Apostle Church 212-265-3495 Map
   St Peter's Baptist Church 212-348-2722 Map
   Thomas Memorial Wesleyan Church 212-663-0650 Map
   Thy Will Be Done Christian 212-860-3732 Map
   Transfiguration Catholic Church 212-962-5157 Map
   Trinity Baptist Church 212-838-6844 Map
   Trinity Evangelical Lutheran 212-222-7045 Map
   Trinity Lower East Side Lthrn 212-228-5254 Map
   Trinity Presbyterian Church 212-757-0675 Map
   Triumph Baptist Church 212-987-1240 Map
   True Light Lutheran Church 212-962-1482 Map
   Trust in God Baptist Church 212-925-9835 Map
   Union Baptist Church 212-862-3002 Map
   United Methodist Church 212-269-0014 Map
   United Methodist Church 212-283-9683 Map
   United Methodist Office for Un 212-682-3633 Map
   United States Catholic Cnfrnc 212-644-1880 Map
   Upper Madison Ave Methodist 212-534-1260 Map
   Wadsworth Ave Baptist Church 212-923-7660 Map
   West End Presbyterian Church 212-663-2900 Map
   West Pk Presby Church 212-362-4890 Map
   White Rock Baptist Church 212-663-5270 Map
   Who So Ever Will's Baptist Church 212-662-5554 Map
   Word of God Hour Baptist Church 212-987-4072 Map
   Word's of Life Christian Center 212-694-7079 Map
   Zion Baptist Church 212-281-8763 Map
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