New York County Wedding Restaurants - Italian

Find all the best New York County Wedding Restaurants - Italian below. Click on a wedding vendor's name to read reviews, watch videos, and get more information. Most listings have websites and email. You can click an icon to contact them directly. New York County wedding planning has never been easier. Find all your New York County Wedding Restaurants - Italian on The US Wedding Directory.

   Acappella 212-240-0163 Web Site Map
   Acquapazza 212-582-6900 Map
   Adriatic Italian Restaurant 212-260-2797 Map
   Alfredo of Rome of NY Inc 212-397-0100 Web Site Map
   Amore Pizza Restaurant 212-619-0802 Map
   Bao Noodles 212-725-7770 Map
   Basta Pasta Ristorante Italian 212-366-0888 Web Site Map
   Bella Cucina Inc 212-289-9004 Map
   Bella Luna 212-877-2267 Map
   Bella Napoli 212-719-2819 Web Site Map
   Bello Restaurant 212-246-6773 Web Site Map
   Bello's Italian Restaurant 212-979-2243 Map
   Benito's 1 the Original 212-226-9171 Map
   Cafe Amore Pizza Restaurant 212-420-8287 Map
   Cafe Buon Gusto 212-755-1476 Map
   Cafe Buon Gusto Due 212-929-1345 Map
   Cafe Europa Enterprises Inc 212-575-7272 Map
   Cafe Haru 212-764-4770 Map
   Cafe La Fortuna 212-724-5846 Web Site Map
   Cafe Napoli 212-226-8705 Map
   Cafe Trevi 212-249-0040 Web Site Map
   Cafe Vienna 212-874-7000 Map
   Caffe Dante Inc 212-982-5275 Map
   D'vinci Restaurants 212-543-1200 Map
   Da Antonio Ristorante 212-588-1545 Web Site Map
   Da Marino 212-541-6601 Map
   Da Tommaso 212-265-1890 Map
   Daniela Restaurant 212-869-3585 Map
   East River Cafe 212-980-3144 Map
   Ecco L'italia Ristorante 212-929-3355 Map
   Ecco Restaurant 212-227-7074 Map
   English is Italian 212-404-1700 Web Site Map
   Ennio & Michael Restaurant 212-677-8577 Map
   Fagiolini Restaurant Inc 212-883-9555 Web Site Map
   Felidia Ristorante Inc 212-758-1479 Map
   Fino Restaurant 212-689-8040 Map
   Fino Wall St Ristorante Itln 212-825-1924 Map
   Firenze Ristorante Ltd 212-861-9368 Web Site Map
   Ford-Italico Restrnt 212-564-6619 Map
   Gabriel's Bar & Restaurant 212-956-4600 Web Site Map
   Giambelli 50 212-688-2760 Web Site Map
   Gianni Restaurants Inc 212-752-7272 Map
   Gigino Restaurant 212-431-1112 Web Site Map
   Gino the Italina Cuisine 212-758-4466 Map
   Giuppo Ristoratori Italiani 212-459-9016 Map
   Gonzo Restaurant 212-645-4606 Map
   I Trulli 212-481-7372 Web Site Map
   Il Campanello Restaurant 212-695-6111 Web Site Map
   Il Cantinori Restaurant Inc 212-673-6044 Web Site Map
   Il Corallo Restaurant 212-941-7119 Map
   Il Corso Ristorante 212-957-1500 Map
   Il Cortile Restaurant 212-226-6060 Web Site Map
   Il Giglio 212-571-5555 Map
   Il Monello Restaurant 212-535-9310 Web Site Map
   Il Mulino 212-673-3783 Map
   Il Nido Restaurant 212-753-8450 Web Site Map
   Il Palazzo Ristorante Italiano 212-343-7000 Map
   Il Rodano 212-315-4699 Map
   Il Sogno Ristorante 212-297-0280 Map
   Il Tinello Ristorante 212-245-4388 Map
   Il Vagabondo Restaurant 212-832-9221 Web Site Map
   Il Valentino Inc 212-355-0001 Map
   Il Violino 212-873-2500 Map
   Isle of Capri Inc 212-223-9430 Web Site Map
   Joe G Pizza & Restaurant 212-765-3160 Map
   John Barry's Restaurant 212-398-0350 Map
   Johnny Mozzarella's Italian 212-375-1400 Map
   Joseph's Ristorante 212-747-1300 Map
   Josie's Restaurant 212-490-1558 Web Site Map
   Kurant 646-370-6928 Web Site Map
   L'allegria Italian Restaurant 212-265-6777 Web Site Map
   La Borsa Di Roma 212-269-6180 Web Site Map
   La Cantina Ristorante 212-727-8787 Map
   La Casalinga Restaurant 212-979-1246 Web Site Map
   La Cucina Gourmet 212-227-4111 Map
   La Dolce Vita 212-431-1315 Map
   La Mela Ristorante 212-431-9493 Web Site Map
   La Palapa 212-777-2537 Web Site Map
   La Vela Restaurant 212-877-7818 Web Site Map
   La Vigna Restaurant Bar 212-268-8460 Map
   Lamarca Pasta Restaurant 212-674-6363 Map
   Lanza Restaurant 212-674-7014 Map
   Lasagna Restaurant 212-308-5353 Map
   Lattanzi Ristorante 212-315-0980 Web Site Map
   Magazine of La Cucina 212-725-8764 Map
   Magnifico Restaurant 212-633-8033 Web Site Map
   Mangia E Bevi 212-956-3976 Web Site Map
   Marchi's Restaurant 212-679-2494 Web Site Map
   Marinella Restaurant 212-807-7472 Map
   Maristella Restaurant 212-489-7655 Web Site Map
   Maruzzella Ristorante 212-988-8877 Map
   Nanni's Restaurant 212-697-4161 Map
   P J Charlton Restaurant 212-924-9532 Map
   P J's of Little Italy 212-226-3177 Web Site Map
   Pane & Cioccolato 212-473-3944 Map
   Pangea 212-995-0900 Web Site Map
   Paper-Moon Milano Express 212-557-5555 Map
   Papoo's 212-809-3150 Web Site Map
   Pappardella 212-595-7996 Map
   Park Italian Gourmet Inc 212-382-0580 Map
   Parma Restaurant 212-535-3520 Map
   Pascatore Restaurant 212-752-7151 Web Site Map
   Pasta La Vista Inc 212-765-6288 Map
   Pasta Lovers 212-582-1355 Map
   Pasta Lovers 212-819-1155 Map
   Pasta Presto 212-754-4880 Map
   Pasta Presto 212-889-4131 Map
   Pasta Presto Mac Dougal 212-260-5679 Map
   Pasta Under Five 212-472-5563 Map
   Pasta Vino Restaurant 212-831-8167 Map
   Pasticcio Restaurant Inc 212-679-2551 Web Site Map
   Patsy's Italian Restaurant 212-247-3491 Web Site Map
   Re Sette 212-221-7530 Web Site Map
   Remi To Go 212-581-4242 Map
   Restivo Ristorante 212-366-4133 Map
   Ristorante Tello 212-691-8696 Web Site Map
   Sal Anthony's Restaurant 212-982-9030 Web Site Map
   Sal Anthony's Spqr Restaurant 212-925-3120 Web Site Map
   San Marino Ristorante 212-425-0025 Map
   Savore Ristorante 212-431-1212 Map
   Sbarro 646-473-1091 Web Site Map
   Sbarro 212-575-0457 Web Site Map
   Sbarro 212-286-9642 Web Site Map
   Sbarro 212-334-7305 Web Site Map
   Sbarro 212-564-3431 Web Site Map
   Sbarro 212-707-8214 Web Site Map
   Sbarro 212-736-0921 Web Site Map
   Sbarro 212-397-5006 Web Site Map
   Sbarro 212-751-5896 Web Site Map
   Sbarro 212-768-4194 Web Site Map
   Scaletta Ristorante Inc 212-769-9191 Web Site Map
   Teodora Italian Restaurant 212-826-7101 Map
   Tevere 84 Italian Glatt Kosher 212-744-0210 Map
   Underground Pizza 212-425-4442 Map
   United Noodles 212-614-0155 Map
   V & T Restaurant 212-663-1708 Web Site Map
   VA Bene Italian Kosher Restaurant 212-517-4448 Map
   Via Italia Inc 212-398-6866 Map
   Via Oreto Italian Restaurant 212-308-0828 Map
   Vico Ristorante 212-876-2222 Map
   Villa Mosconi Restaurant 212-673-0390 Web Site Map
   Village Lantern 212-260-7993 Web Site Map
   Vincent's Restaurant 212-226-8133 Map
   Vinci's Brothers Pizza Corp 212-751-1122 Map
   Vivolo Cucina 212-717-4700 Map
   Volare Restaurant Corp 212-460-5073 Map
   Yummy Noodles 212-374-1327 Map
   Zio Gianni Italian Restaurant 212-348-0200 Map
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