New York County Wedding Restaurants - Japanese

Find all the best New York County Wedding Restaurants - Japanese below. Click on a wedding vendor's name to read reviews, watch videos, and get more information. Most listings have websites and email. You can click an icon to contact them directly. New York County wedding planning has never been easier. Find all your New York County Wedding Restaurants - Japanese on The US Wedding Directory.

   Ai-Chi Restaurant Corp 212-242-3699 Map
   AJI Ichiban 212-571-3755 Map
   AJI Sushi Inc 212-686-2055 Map
   Aka Sushi 212-262-2888 Map
   Akane Restaurant 212-867-6688 Web Site Map
   AKI on West 4th 212-989-5440 Map
   Alpha One 212-244-9100 Map
   Amakusa Restaurant 212-593-3189 Map
   Cafe Asean 212-633-0348 Map
   D & Z Harumi Sushi Corp 212-893-8263 Map
   Daikichi Sushi 212-437-8744 Map
   Daikichi Sushi Inc 212-838-3261 Map
   Daioch Japanese Restaurant 212-727-0888 Map
   Dan Tempura House 212-877-4969 Map
   Daroma Restaurant 212-577-6868 Map
   Dior Sushi Japanese Cuisine 212-213-9888 Map
   East 53 Teri Yaki 212-888-6072 Web Site Map
   East Japanese Restaurant 212-734-5270 Map
   East Japanese Restaurant 212-581-2240 Map
   East Japanese Restaurant 212-687-5075 Map
   East Japanese Restaurant 212-980-0573 Map
   EDO Japanese Restaurant 212-989-2938 Map
   Empire Szechuan Kyoto Sushi 212-662-9404 Map
   Ginji Japanese Restaurant Inc 212-425-4441 Map
   Go Sushi 212-459-2288 Map
   Go Sushi II Inc 212-593-3883 Map
   Go Sushi Iii Inc 212-679-1999 Map
   Go Sushi Inc 212-366-9272 Map
   Godzilla Japanese Restaurant 212-620-9131 Web Site Map
   Hakata Japanese Restaurant 212-245-1020 Web Site Map
   Hana Sushi Japanese Restaurant 212-620-9950 Map
   Hanami Japanese Cuisine 212-255-9981 Map
   Hapon Restaurant 212-986-1213 Map
   Haru Broadway 212-398-9810 Map
   Haru Sake Bar 212-452-1028 Map
   Hatsuhana 212-661-3400 Web Site Map
   Hatsuhana Restaurant Inc 212-355-3345 Web Site Map
   Hedeh Japanese Restaurant 212-473-8458 Map
   Hizen Japanese Restaurant 212-557-0299 Map
   Hokkaido Sushi Japanese Restaurant 212-410-2700 Map
   Ichiban Japanese Restrnt 212-734-2100 Map
   Inagiku Japanese Restaurant 212-355-0440 Web Site Map
   Iroha Japanese Restaurant Inc 212-398-9049 Map
   Iroha Japanese Restrnt Inc 212-315-1506 Map
   Iron Sushi Bistro Inc 212-447-5822 Map
   ISE Japanese Restaurant 212-707-8702 Web Site Map
   ISE Restaurant 212-785-1600 Web Site Map
   ISE Restaurant Inc 212-319-6876 Map
   Isohama Japanese Restaurant 212-828-0099 Map
   Izumi Sushi 212-273-1169 Map
   Jas Mart 212-387-8721 Map
   Jas Mart LLC 212-866-4780 Map
   Kami Sushi Japanese Restaurant 212-371-8338 Map
   Kiiroihana Japanese Restaurant 212-582-7499 Map
   Kinko Japanese Restaurant 212-580-5900 Map
   Kishi Japanese Restaurant 212-490-2441 Map
   Kitaro Inc 212-441-9253 Map
   Ko Sushi 212-744-0050 Map
   Ko Sushi 212-772-8838 Map
   Kodama Japanese Restaurant 212-582-8065 Map
   Kokura Japanese Restaurant 212-482-8888 Map
   Koo Sushi Japanese Restaurant 212-228-9028 Map
   Kura Sushi Japanese Restaurant 212-979-6646 Map
   Kyoto of Japan 212-363-1668 Map
   Makita Japanese Cuisine 212-925-9984 Map
   Maru Sushi 212-684-6425 Map
   Nagoya Japanese Restaurant 212-785-6688 Map
   Nagoya Japanese Restaurant Inc 212-385-1910 Map
   Naniwa of Japan Inc 212-370-4045 Map
   Neo Sushi Japanese Restaurant 212-769-1003 Web Site Map
   New Kabuki Restaurant 212-791-3535 Map
   New Life Sushi 212-371-0238 Map
   New York Villa Inc 212-343-3388 Web Site Map
   New Yoshi Japanese Restaurant 212-489-3589 Map
   Ogawa Japanese Restaurant 212-533-6527 Map
   Oh Raku Its Japanese 212-983-5018 Map
   Okinawa Japanese Restaurant 212-253-8886 Map
   Osaka Japanese Restaurant 212-532-2743 Map
   Ota-Ya Japanese Restaurant 212-988-1188 Map
   Oyama Japanese Restaurant 212-777-9411 Map
   Raku-It's Japanese 212-719-9055 Map
   Sachi 212-534-5600 Map
   Sake Bar Decibel 212-979-2733 Map
   Sake Club Inc 212-557-5205 Map
   Sake Japanese Restaurant 212-628-1238 Map
   Sakura Hana Restaurant 212-645-2128 Web Site Map
   Sakura Sushi & Thai Cuisine 212-941-9888 Map
   Sandobe Sushi 212-505-3348 Map
   Sappora Village Japanese 212-260-1330 Map
   Takahashi Restaurant Corp 212-838-2537 Map
   Taste of Tokyo 212-809-4711 Web Site Map
   Taste of Tokyo Inc 212-691-8666 Map
   Tataki Japanese Restaurant 212-965-0975 Web Site Map
   Tatany Japanese Restaurant 212-686-1871 Map
   Tea & Sympathy Inc 212-807-8329 Web Site Map
   Teriyaki Boy 212-307-7202 Map
   Teriyaki Boy 212-385-8585 Map
   Teriyaki Boy 212-677-6058 Map
   Teriyaki Boy 212-867-5771 Map
   Teriyaki Boy 212-874-5633 Map
   Teriyaki Boy Inc 212-260-4420 Map
   Teriyaki Town 212-742-1919 Map
   UMI Japanese Restaurant Corp 212-772-9560 Map
   Ushiwaka Maru 212-228-4181 Web Site Map
   Wave Japanese Restaurant 212-240-9100 Web Site Map
   West Side Sushi 212-581-2366 Map
   Win 49 Japanese Restaurant 212-353-9494 Map
   Yama Japanese Restaurant 212-475-0969 Map
   Yu Sushi Japanese Restaurant 212-254-3200 Map
   Yuki Japanese Restaurant 212-787-8200 Map
   Yummy Sushi 212-459-2100 Web Site Map
   Z Z Restaurant 212-254-1959 Map
   Zen Restaurant 212-533-6855 Map
   Zutto Japanese Restaurant 212-233-3287 Map
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