New York County Wedding Restaurants - Oriental Cuisine

Find all the best New York County Wedding Restaurants - Oriental Cuisine below. Click on a wedding vendor's name to read reviews, watch videos, and get more information. Most listings have websites and email. You can click an icon to contact them directly. New York County wedding planning has never been easier. Find all your New York County Wedding Restaurants - Oriental Cuisine on The US Wedding Directory.

   Bamboo House 212-254-3502 Map
   Bambou Restaurant 212-358-0012 Web Site Map
   Food Exchange 212-759-0656 Map
   Gan Asia 212-280-3800 Web Site Map
   Hay Wun Loy Restaurant 212-285-2073 Map
   Hing Lung Restaurant 212-926-2018 Map
   Jimmy Oro Restaurant 212-795-1414 Map
   Jin Lian Foo Chow Restaurant 212-274-8659 Map
   K S Kitchen Inc 212-496-9714 Map
   Kam Hing Coffee Shop 212-925-0425 Map
   Kam Luang Restaurant 212-427-6808 Map
   Kang Suh Restaurant 212-564-6845 Map
   Kary Restaurant Inc 212-685-1188 Map
   Kin Khao Restaurant 212-966-3939 Map
   Kong Kee Food 212-966-1350 Map
   La Dinastia II 212-928-6605 Map
   La Dinastia Restaurant 212-362-3801 Map
   New Baby Buddha Restaurant 212-924-3196 Map
   New Ming's Delight Inc 212-922-2888 Map
   New Wonton Garden Corp 212-966-4886 Map
   Oriental Cafe Inc 212-439-7778 Map
   Oriental Cottage Chinese Rest 212-730-0888 Map
   Oriental Express 212-594-3532 Map
   Oriental Garden Restaurant 212-619-0085 Map
   Oriental Noodle Shop 212-697-2353 Web Site Map
   Oriental Palace Restaurant 212-534-6087 Map
   Oriental Pearl Restaurant Inc 212-219-8388 Map
   Red Bamboo 212-260-7049 Map
   Red Garlic 212-489-5237 Web Site Map
   Rice N Beans Restaurant 212-265-4444 Web Site Map
   Sammy's Asian Gourmet 212-337-9888 Map
   Tac Yuan Garden Restaurant Inc 212-608-0640 Map
   Tai Hong Lau Restaurant 212-219-1431 Map
   Tang Tang Noodle & More 212-249-2102 Map
   WA Lung Kitchen 212-254-3775 Map
   Wan Chum Kitchen 212-529-5029 Map
   Win Won Restaurant Inc 212-732-8264 Map
   Wing Hing 212-260-9646 Map
   Wing Hing Restaurant 212-427-1786 Map
   Wing Wah Restaurant 212-427-8068 Map
   Woochon Restaurant 212-695-0676 Map
   Wu Liang Ye 48 Restaurant Inc 212-398-2308 Map
   Wu Liang Ye 86 Restaurant 212-534-8899 Map
   Wu Liang Ye Lexington Restaurant 212-370-9647 Map
   Yips Restaurant 212-480-9010 Map
   Yum 212-819-0554 Map
   Zhong Hua Restaurant 212-932-3377 Map
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