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Search Engines are simple. While they do have a large number of criteria they use to determine website ranking, experts will tell you, without any dispute, that inbound links are the key to getting the highest results. Inbound links are simply links to your website from other sites.

High Quality Links get you NOTICED

Search Engines rate the quality of your inbound links by comparing the relevance of your site content to those sites that are linking to you. Links that come from high ranking, industry related sites will do more good for you than low ranking sites or sites with non-related content. The trick is finding high-quality, industry-related sites that will boost your ranking AND are also affordable. That's where we come in:

FREE LISTINGS and our HIGH RANKING can help you!

The US Wedding Directory ranks extremely high in a number of industry-related search terms including "wedding directory" (Google it without the quotes and see!). Links to you from The US Wedding Directory will help improve your web visibility by associating your business with the largest wedding directory online.

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FREE Listings make it easy for you to add your business to as many locations and categories as you service.


We have optimized your UNIQUE business listing page to include your business name, location, and category in the following HTML page sections:

  • URL - Your business name appears as part of the actual page address
  • PAGE TITLE - Includes your business name
  • DESCRIPTION - Includes name, location, and category of your business
  • KEYWORDS - Includes name, location, and category word combinations
  • LINKS - Links to your actual website address
  • LINK TITLES - Your business name in link title tag

Why list your business on The US Wedding Directory?

This is the largest wedding directory on the internet. We have over 710,000 listings organized by wedding categories in local areas. Listings are FREE and can be put in as many catagories and locations as you service.

  • Basic listings are FREE!
  • Unlimited locations
  • Unlimited categories
  • All listings link to your website
  • Business pages optimized to include your business name, location, and specialty in many of the HTML Meta tags
  • All listings mask your email address behind a contact form
  • All listings include a photo upload
  • All listings include a link to a YouTube Video
  • Did I mention listings are FREE?
  • Affordable placement enhancements
  • Unlimited text for business description
  • User-friendly administrative section
  • Easy process to claim existing listings
  • and UNLIMITED FREE LISTINGS!! (I had to say it one more time)

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